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Ac3mp.exe Free Download

So recently I’ve been trying to download a long youtube video that is a vod of a stream in order to edit it to make it into a shorter video and I went to this site that I’ve used before to download youtube videos before and all the other times I used it I had no issues but for some reason this time I did. Now my pc keeps giving me constant notifications about viruses on my computer when this site never gave me a virus before and these notifications keep telling me to download mcafee or norton which I don’t want to do because of how expensive they are so I downloaded a free trial of malwarebytes instead but whenever I do a scan of my computer with malwarebytes it keeps detecting nothing even though my pc clearly must have a virus on it since I keep getting these mcafee and norton notifications. Nothing else seems to be wrong with my pc though aside from all these notifications but I just want them to go away cause they’re annoying and if I really do have a virus I don’t understand why malwarebytes isn’t detecting it. I also tried restarting my pc in safe mode with and without networking and malwarebytes still detected nothing both times.


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