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Previous incarnations of the character have appeared in a number of other media, including an animated webseries from 1997. The anime also stars Junji Majima as Kenshin and Joe Odagiri as Sano. The website even has an anime-influenced version of the character.[78]

The first American adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin has been planned since the early 1990s, but production difficulties eventually caused the project to be stalled, and finally, after a decade, the project was made in 1997, by TV Tokyo and Gigantix.

Theatrically worldwide licensing of the film changed the earlier print release pattern, with a delay in releasing the film in the United States until 2010. When the film was first licensed, Oni Press released an American edition of the classic D&D magazine that contained a complete colorization of the entire manga. In United States theaters, the Japanese version, that had not been colorized was screened first, and then the American version. It was then that the colorization process began, which resulted in many inconsistency issues and, in 2010, the licensing again reverted to releasing the films in “original theatrical Japanese with English subtitles”.

Part of Matsumoto’s goal in creating Rurouni Kenshin was to depict the atrocities of the Edo period in an era before the arrival of Meiji. The five main Utsubo that Kenshin defeats are modeled after real historical figures such as Takeda Shingen and Yoshioka Masao. Kenshin’s last stand in Seibei Building, against the Takeda clan’s general Tani Gorô, is based on the Tani clan’s siege of Ueda Castle in which Takeda Shingen stood on the castle’s roof and yelled at the pursuing troops to stop their advance. One of the key events in Kenshin’s life, the siege of Ueda Castle, had no modern analogy. This was one reason why Matsumoto chose to base many of the future Utsubo on historical warriors.

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