EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11

EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11


EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11

EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11 is very good for my projects and college classes. It has the same strong statistical capabilities but it is easier to use. The new graphics were easy to use, but I found some bugs with them. I love the new equations and equations pane, it is easy to use and provides a unique interface view. There are fewer bugs now and I think it will continue to develop in new ways they will be welcome. I am no longer on a Mac, so I am no longer using EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11 for new projects.

EViews 9.0 Enterprise 11 was a big improvement over the previous versions, but I wish that it had some more features it didn’t have in the previous version. For example, the previous version only had the same number of panes, but the new version has more panes. Also, the UC Berkeley teaching seal is gone.

IHS Software, the international market leader in multivariate open-source software, announces today the release of EViews 9.0 Enterprise Edition 2017, the newest version of its powerful and innovative econometrics and statistics software designed especially for users working in test-driven, predictive and modeling environments. This new version introduces support for time series analysis, as well as enhancements to the already complete range of functionality in several components of the software.

The new TSP!AS statistical modeling and prediction suite, developed as a native component of EViews, offers predictive analytics tools, sophisticated modeling techniques, and statistical analysis for linear, predictive and non-linear regression problems.

EViews time series features allow you to model time series of binary or count data, analyze changes in trends over time, perform trend testing, and obtain SD and other descriptive statistics for time series.




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