Gunday Full Movie 2014 Bengali Version ((FULL)) 🤙

Gunday Full Movie 2014 Bengali Version ((FULL)) 🤙



Gunday Full Movie 2014 Bengali Version

When they refused to show the film, they were threatened by these theatre owners, who have aided the film by giving it free ticket on the promo day. Now, as per the promoters of the film, they are seeking a judicial direction so that this does not happen again. According to them such threats have never happened before. This had prompted them to approach the Visva Bharati University (VBU), which is an autonomous organisation under the Ministry of Culture. They reached a compromise with the university that the screening of the film could take place on Sunday.

In order to seek the court’s mandate on this issue, the film makers are planning to approach various forums and seek necessary permissions. Illegal screening of the film has already been stopped in Tripura and Assam by the police. The film has been screened in the national capital on May 13 and in Chennai on May 24, and has had a decent box office run in the North Eastern states where there is usually a shortage of films in theatres. The film has subsequently been screened at theatres across the North East and in West Bengal.

However, on Monday, a number of cinema owners from several towns in West Bengal approached the Vishva Bharati University (VBU) with a complaint that such threats against the screening of the film had never happened before. They claimed that they were ready to screen the film on Monday, and it was only on Sunday that the university was notified about it. The president of Planets Cinema in Kolkata, which has been booked for the screening, had told Indian Express, “We have not cut the film scene after we found that the movie did not contain any objectionable content. But when we got to know that the government was trying to stop us from screening it, we found it too much to handle.”

“It is the prerogative of any entertainment house to release its film only in certain languages,” said Lalit Bhanot, Managing Director of Tulsi Media Pvt. Ltd. “This is legal. Our film is releasing in over 40 languages.”


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