Iron Man 2 Telugu Dubbed


Iron Man 2 Telugu Dubbed

With the new Extremis armor, Stark devised a way to disable the Siege Perilous AI, thereby saving millions of innocent lives. Iron Man defeated Talos, who has been secretly drilling down to Earth’s tectonic plates for decades, and became face-to-face with a man who could give him an entirely different perspective on life.

But while they don’t officially appear in the movie, the Extremis armor and his experience with the Extremis universe show up in the pages of the comics. Modern comics show Stark realizing that Extremis is very much a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon that even its makers couldn’t control. Which is why he stored Extremis in the Ark, which will someday be used to destroy it.

Tony Stark created three of these Iron Man armors, later passing one on to the aerospace division, Air Force 200, and keeping one for himself. But in the process, an accident leaves him temporarily paralyzed. To get around this, Tony enlists the help of Obadiah Stane to make him a new suit that allows him the ability to walk again.

Stane replaces the arc reactor with a new modular design that splits apart into several smaller underground facilities, each containing part of the armor’s equipment and power. By splitting And Stark could move around undetected, especially when he learned that he was fighting the very terrorist organisation that attempted to take out the power to his new armors.

Tony Stark designed the Extremis armor, which under his supervision is actually a weapon of mass destruction, but he later learned more about what he made and what its potential was. He learned about the Extremis/Siege Perilous conflict, and that the Omega Protocol was actually part of the weaponry that was being developed. The world’s greatest weapons research program – which was also building weapons no one else knew about – was not only an AI, but a weapon. And it would have not necessarily been powerless, as Stark soon learned. As he traveled the United Nations to try to find the Extremis armors and figure out what was going on, he encountered a terrorist plot hidden behind a woman claiming to be a journalist named Nicole Sinclair.


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