Kitab Al Kimya Pdf 82 ##BEST##

Kitab Al Kimya Pdf 82 ##BEST##


Kitab Al Kimya Pdf 82

Jabir’s metaphysical theology is connected to Persian philosophical speculations about the soul, he sees it as an intermediary between body and God and the instrument through which human wishes and passions are realized. Jabir sees the I such as an “immortal soul, immortal through the body and an eternity of desire and thought”, while totality, essence and essence of qualities are all equal for him. He thought himself to be immortal. He said that the soul does not lose its power because of a vacuum. All ideas change. He saw creation as the result of God’s idea passing to the matter. He taught that when there is no love, God’s day returns to Him. The limit of creation is desire. The soul is the source of all things, not separate from God. The spiritual attributes of the soul appear like clothes. Nasr says it as a man who does not want to distinguish between the spiritual and the masculine attributes, for his thought is clear and his ideas are precise. Al-Isfahani reports the spiritual attributes of the soul such as tolerance, mercy, wisdom, courage, kindness, and so forth.[10]

Jabir said the one who truly loves God is in a state in which he is conscious of himself, in which he notices God. He advises that one must love God with his intellect and not with his heart. A spiritual man does not see the body as anything, except a garment on the back of the soul, nor body as anything except an item in the universals. To God alone belongs the world and the sky, and everything else is His creation, not such as in the world. He advised against the teaching that after death people become changes in the form of animals; even though Hamza al-Nuri thinks it is true he is prevented from still thinking it. He said belief in God, the prophets, and prophets and their laws is easy. He taught that spiritual wisdom consists in following the path of love and truth. He said we have a face before God — to God belongs all that is in the world — to His creatures belongs nothing. Through the diabolic spirits or the black spirits, the world is on the verge of destruction. When he was taught by the Sages not to discuss God’s existence or nonexistence or his perfection, but to discuss content alone, he turned away from that path.


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