Loveliest Models Fantasia Models _HOT_

Loveliest Models Fantasia Models _HOT_


Loveliest Models Fantasia Models

Buckingham: Those lovely ladies of the evening you’ve driven up to that hotel, you’re going to sleep with “them” because they ask you to. You’re there to sell your services. And why everyone else does it is beyond me.

Buckingham: There’s a story I know about that, but I don’t know if it’s true. Supposedly, sometime in the mid-1930s, Cal Groth, who was the head of RKO Studios when I worked there; had a stroke of genius and he recruited Alice Faye. She did Double Dynamite with Buster Keaton, and whoop-de-doo, so suddenly she got into the companies. Of course, they were making her look like a poof. But this Alice Faye lent herself to this idea with this sense of humour which was a kind of gangster humor. She made a comedy movie, I forget just exactly what it was called, about a cook who swiped a dishcloth and made a doughnut out of it. It became very popular.

Buckingham; He was a big success. He was big in England, too; he’s got some big hits. He was on the cover of Time magazine. He was the first one that they announced was going to be on the cover of Time magazine.

He had a smile that people identify with. There was a song called, “God Bless America” and he made that famous, but most people know him for that. He’s one of the few people in America who had a voice; he was a big woman who could sing. He was a great entertainer.

He was asked if he would sing the National Anthem, and he just said, “No, I’ll sing a song like this.” He let out a beautiful voice. He was big (he was 6″6″ 5″5″), and I never saw him after that.

I don’t think there was any definite road through those presentations that he would follow. There was a lot of pushing on the part of the illustrators, and a lot of experimentation, a lot of mosaic-like feeling in the layouts. Once I was sketching, and I had a sketch of a fish or whatever, and I went ahead and drew the outline of a fish over the design of the fish that I had just finished.


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