Lush 101 Synth Vst |LINK| Full Version Download

Lush 101 Synth Vst |LINK| Full Version Download


Lush 101 Synth Vst FULL Version Download

The Z3L is a VST solo synth that is designed to combine the acoustic qualities of the Rhodes with the VLI’s deep analog sound. While this synth is certainly not the full featured 24U modeled from the Rhodes and only had 10MB of RAM, it still provides a very good degree of control and modulation for dynamic synth sounds. Imagine getting to play the entire 24-note keyboard of a Rhodes, producing a very similar tonality to Alfa 1288II/1488II, only in a VST.

Most vintage synthesizers mimic a number of basic analog filters – low pass, high pass etc., so one simple knob lets you talk about the sound characteristics of a synth. The example below is the PPG Wave 2. It has a classic analog filter, and a computer-based sweepable envelope generator with ‘glide’ and ‘cutoff’ controls. The waveform envelope follows the oscillator on the envelope modulation controls.

The little baby synth is ready to grow up with a variety of options that also influence the sound of its voice. This plug-in can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or as a complement to any Digital Audio Workstation. Its sound is pure and sweet, using only 20 MB of space and its sound can be filtered and modulated. This is a basic and totally free plug-in.

Analog composer and composer David Augusto Correa Aragão loves the sound of analog synthesis. With the appearance of the Lusenona, his tool was born out of his love for the analog sound. This instrument, composed of around 150 presets, offers great possibilities for sound design through a great variety of patches.


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