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As one of the most common types of cancer, gastric cancer has a high rate of incidence and morbidity. It not only affects medical treatment but also causes a significant impact on a patient’s life and quality of life. For example, patients with gastric cancer are prone to suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction or respiratory dysfunction because the stomach is the origin of the digestive tract. Thus, patients are at a high risk of exhausting their limited energy and strength to deal with these symptoms, which is one of the main reasons why these patients have a low quality of life.

Working with the patient’s and family’s values and wishes is an important aspect of nursing care. Therefore, patients and their family members are involved in making decisions regarding treatment. While these decisions involve risk, for example, when treatments are ineffective or cause unacceptable side effects to the patient, the patient still wishes to receive each treatment.

As recognized earlier, medical treatment of gastric cancer is a serious threat to patients’ lives and performance. While treatment can produce medical results, the side effects of chemotherapy are often considerable. Patients must submit to these treatments in order to save their lives. During chemotherapy, patients often report symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue. Sometimes, these side effects can have a significant impact on patients’ (lives and performances).

Results: Using a narrative approach was feasible for understanding engagement with community palliative care. Participants experienced trust, security, support and a good life. However, relationships had to be negotiated and were not always optimal.


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