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[PC-Game] Nina Agent Chronicles 2003 Download For Computer

In 1994, following the release of the LithTech 3.0, LithTech Inc. was working on the next LithTech title. Monolith was producing a game called The Matrix Online. The new LithTech engine would solve a major problem that was endangering the success of the new title. The LithTech engine was designed to handle any number of physics based effects. LithTech 3.0 had a ship docking feature which added large crowds to the environment. The performance of the engine was in part limited by the amount of processing it was doing to handle the crowds. With The Matrix Online, Monolith wanted to create a new type of game where the physics engine handled the effects and the player saw everything. The new title would require a completely new engine.

LithTech Discovery was created with the MMORPG genre and its unique requirements in mind. Discovery improved upon the working technology from LithTech 2.2, but also included the Distributed Object System which was the centerpiece of LithTech 3.x. The only title to be powered by LithTech Discovery was The Matrix Online by Monolith.

LithTech Discovery was created with the MMORPG genre and its unique requirements in mind. The engine provided an open model of the agent component of an RPG game. The engine also provided an open model of the interaction between the game and the user. This allowed the universe to be written as a dynamic system. The engine was updated to achieve iterative development, continual refactoring and a time shared environment running on a distributed network. LithTech Discovery supports persistent games, high performance MMORPG networking, player mining, trading, farming, and crafting. The system has been used by several titles, including Rise of Immortality, White Lion Palace: Streets of Gold, City of Heroes, The Matrix Online, and Gun Musashi 2.




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