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Although he was one of the most influential scientists of the century, he was originally an economist by training. The alma mater was Berlin University where he met Erich Pestalozzi (1801-1865),[421] a Swiss mathematics teacher who inspired Von Neumann to major in mathematics. He left Berlin in order to continue his studies in Vienna and from there, he went to Zurich. He attended his courses conducting mathematical experiments including performing work in 1896 with Zermelo on set theory which they published shortly after his graduation.[422]

In 1905, when he was 21, he came back to Berlin and received a professorship in mathematics only a year later in 1906. He was a founding member of the German Mathematical Society and served as its president for two years.[423] In 1911, he was appointed a personal assistant to the German chancellor and head of the Reichsbank. In 1915, he was appointed Director General of the German General Staff. In 1918, he also became a corresponding member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences and was installed as an Emeritus member in 1923.[424] In 1932, the government of Germany dismissed him because of his sympathies for the Austrian National Socialists, whom Hitler himself loathed and had just started to rise in power.[425] Von Neumann therefore looked for a new job abroad.


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