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With the increase in uses of drones in recent years, there has been a corresponding increase of legal challenges on those flying these things over people’s properties. While it has been legal to use drones in Canada since April 7, 2015, we are still waiting for the FAA to issue clearer direction. Here is a post from one of our listeners:

“The best way that I found that the FAA could go about making this decision clear, is to simply issue a blanket ban on the use of all drones in all airspace. If the FAA did that, theoretically, the order would be crystal clear: you may not use a drone in airspace controlled by the FAA.

In the 21st century, the popularity of telescopes and camera equipment have increased because of the ease of capturing more and more images. The vast nature of the Universe means that you only need so much equipment to reach the highest and/or most interesting things that possibly exist. Finding galaxies (which is far from common) is of the utmost importance when looking to capture new stars.

Unsurprisingly, as photographer Daniel Kanda has discovered, any way that we can improve our non-skygazing equipment is a great thing. Detecting astro objects takes a lot of light and that in turn means a lot of patience. All of the photos in the gallery have taken around 7-10 minutes to capture (the latest photo was taken in the darkness of the night sky, so it was probably longer).

This image shows the DDO5318-A galaxy which is in the constellation of the Wolf. The obsessions of street photographers love brings this image to my top two favorite as of this year. This is of great importance since many people don’t get an opportunity to reliably capture this. But, a photographer friend of mine captured it when he was on a hike in the mountains.


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