The Forest – Alpha V0.22 Free ((EXCLUSIVE)) 🟡

The Forest – Alpha V0.22 Free ((EXCLUSIVE)) 🟡



The Forest – Alpha V0.22 Free

Aai and Vela are two young women who this season will be charging off from the back of the pack following an injury to a close friend in other group. Aai and Vela are currently studying Computer Science at University of Southampton and are both clinical psychologists. They have been in various international humanitarian emergencies and developed a range of inter-cultural communication skills that will help them start a new life upon their return to the UK.

This model was selected for its close proximity to the Philippines. The Filipino communities were the first to welcome visitors to the country during its colonial history. The Celestes have a long-standing reputation for hospitality and a national pastime of playing card games. Filipinos have never been shy to share their knowledge, and they are renowned for their friendly, positive attitude. It is hoped that the model will help bring that attitude to life as people interact with one another.

The Vika Institute seeks to increase access to information literacy in the teaching of digital skills for the benefit of international learners and to distribute knowledge across the globe. Their work focuses on a variety of topics, including internet safety, digital citizenship, free and open source software, websites, and digital publishing. They partner with a variety of schools and non-government organizations to effect change, teach best practices, and foster digital literacy. Their students are currently studying computer science, informatics, and marketing.

Rini Chaudhuri is a physiotherapy doctor and sports medicine specialist. She has a strong interest in the prevention of sports injuries in children and women. As the President of the first ever UK-based International Association of Gynaecological Oncologists, she has been a key player helping women access world-class cancer treatment and research projects to fully understand female biology as it pertains to the treatment of early-stage cancers. Rini served as the Chair of the 2018 British Gynaecological Cancer Society Conference. Rini is Vice-President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, a Favourite Member of the British Medical Association, and a member of Medical Ethics Society.


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