Cheat Engine Rance 6 ⚡

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Cheat Engine Rance 6

Darkness Rance is an update for Sengoku Rance, developed by toufu guy in the DarkSouls 2 engine. The base game, however, is still written in the engine of Sengoku Rance, which is basically Xna/MonoGame. As a result, for things like dialogue and items, which are all handled by a persistent in-memory database written in a scripting language, DarkSouls II needs to reload the data every time an update is installed. In order to speed up this process, sometimes a cheat to see the unlimited text messages appears in the game.

However, I have one problem, ok, two problems. I’ve been working on a class, the attack class. This class has 3 levels, (a,b,c). Here, a,b, and c are inverse moves, basically, a where the character’s attack damage increased and c is a slow, instant attack. The third is what I’ve been practicing, which is to increase the maximum possible attack damage, (which I now chose to represent by an integer, (x)). Now, my problem is that I can only bring the maximum damage on level a = 1, nothing else. Here’s a picture.


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