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Working in the administrative sector could prove to be demanding, but software solutions that automatize the process of sorting and organizing information do exist.
Cleaning Service for Workgroup is a complex utility whose target is quite transparent, given its name. It addresses specialists working in the cleaning sector, who want to keep all their tasks, meetings, and any other events safe from any chaotic circumstances that might restrict their successful completion.
The GUI ensures a pleasant user experience
First things first, the program features an intuitive interface that makes the generous feature set easily accessible. The main window displays a calendar that allows you to have a look at a specific day, week, month, several-month interval, or even an entire year. You can even analyze your company’s schedule either in a vertical or horizontal timeline.
Manages the cleaning staff and client list
Among the initial steps you need to take is creating a comprehensive list of workers, which you can do in the “Home” section. Adding a name and phone number as well as assigning them an avatar and a color tag should ensure that you easily differentiate their activities.
At this point, adding an event is the natural development. Once again, you are required to type in a customer’s name, phone, and label, and of course, you need to specify the interval in which the requested service must be provided. What’s more, you can indicate which of your employees should carry out the task and the fee you charge for this particular cleaning job.
Avoids schedule conflicts and sets reminders
A reminder should also guarantee that you do not accidentally skip any of your responsibilities. It must be said that you can tweak the sound so that it is familiar to you and you know exactly what it is linked to without further investigation.
Also when creating events, you can use two blank fields to make recommendations and mention any possible issues, besides having the possibility of listing all the customer data that might be necessary in order to ensure smooth communication with them.
Can save reports to your PC
A nice touch is the fact that the application enables you to export your schedule to different file formats, starting from text files and ending with Excel documents, so that you can easily access it outside of this environment and, for instance, present it to fellows who may not directly work with this program.
Feature-rich tool that helps you provide flawless cleaning services
On an ending note, Cleaning Service for Workgroup is a handy networking scheduler packing an impressive set of tools that enable you to keep track of your company’s cleaning jobs. Lists of workers and clients can be added and edited, fees can be calculated, all while keeping a close eye on all planned events and avoiding schedule conflicts.







Cleaning Service For Workgroup Crack Free Download [2022]

If you are looking for a perfect, yet comprehensive, solution that will help you to meet all your cleaning needs, Cleaning Service for Workgroup should be your next stop. Despite its basic look and feel, it actually hides a large variety of options. The program supports you to track everything you have to do with clients and cleaners, including schedule conflicts. The main window also provides a calendar that will help you view any event on any specific day, week, month, or year.
In addition to this, Cleaning Service for Workgroup provides an interface that can be quite easy to understand for any cleaning technician, even for those who are not computer literate. For your convenience, the program provides you with various ways to sort and organize the data, depending on your personal preferences. Moreover, the Cleaning Service for Workgroup interface offers you the ability to save reports in your PC in multiple file formats, including those tailored for Excel.
In order to help you get your job done smoothly, the program also provides you with a list of workers that you can add to your company’s list, as well as change the avatar for every worker and assign each a color tag. What’s more, Cleaning Service for Workgroup can calculate all fees in advance and establish reminders, so that you never forget to charge your customers or forget to remind them that they need to pay for the next cleaning.
You will find that Cleaning Service for Workgroup provides you with an immense number of useful features and tools, so that you will be able to meet all your cleaning needs with ease.
Cleaning Service for Workgroup Main Features:
• Manages your cleaning crew
• Lists all your cleaning schedules and events
• Allows you to assign each cleaner a color tag and add their phone numbers to your database
• Lists all clients’ names, phone numbers, avatars, and other details
• Enables you to track the cleaners’ activities
• Saves all the information you enter in a SQLite database
• Allows you to export your database to a CSV file
• Sets automatic reminders
• Exports your cleaning schedule to a text file
• Can be used as a notification center
• Can print invoices
• Allows you to view the system’s schedule
• You can import information from other applications
• You can export your data to an Excel file
• Categorizes all the data you enter
• Can be used as a professional network scheduler

Cleaning Service For Workgroup For Windows

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Cleaning Service For Workgroup With Full Keygen Free

Clean Service for Workgroup is an exclusive utility that was created to help all employees in the cleaning sector to organize their work and manage their workload. The easy-to-use interface will make it simple for you to add, edit and delete projects and events. Your work schedule can be managed in a very easy and intuitive way and it also allows you to create detailed reports. The Clean Service for Workgroup can easily be installed and used on all Windows operating systems.
Workgroup Scheduler Cleaning Service Description:
Cleaning Service for Workgroup is an exclusive tool that can be used by a group of users to organise their work. Its main goal is to help each of the users in the organisation to keep track of their tasks, meetings and any other events. This feature-rich tool also enables you to make detailed reports about your work. The Clean Service for Workgroup can easily be installed and used on all Windows operating systems.
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System Requirements:

Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS 10.8+
Linux (Ubuntu)
Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz or higher
AMD Athlon 64 3.0GHz or higher
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nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX+ or higher
ATI Radeon HD 4800 or

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