Download Film Brownies 2005 Chev Fixed 🤘

Download Film Brownies 2005 Chev Fixed 🤘


Download Film Brownies 2005 Chev


Why is “%23” missing from this query?

I use the following URL to get all the bits of a fragment:

The function that processes the fragment is:
function get_fragment( $path, $path_info ) {
global $wpdb, $wp_rewrite;
$vars = array();

if ( empty( $path_info ) )
$path_info = $path;

if ( $path_info[ ‘query’ ] )
$path_info = substr( $path_info, 0, strpos( $path_info, ‘?’ ) );

if ( empty( $path_info ) )
$path_info = ‘/’;

foreach ( $path_info as $var ) {
if ( isset( $wp_rewrite->substitutions[ $var ] ) )
$vars[ $var ] = $wp_rewrite->substitutions[ $var ];
$vars[ $var ] = “‘{$var}'”;

return $vars;

It works OK, but the key of the URI is missing. I tried to debug the function and it seems that it only returns the variables if their name ends with a “%23”.
array(8) {
string(1) “/”
string(1) “!”
string(1) “””
string(1) “#”
string(1) “$”
string(1) “%”
string(1) “‘”

What should I do to get the URI key?


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