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Calculating a mathematical expression is one thing, but what do you do if you have a long list of expressions that need to be solved? As you can probably imagine, there are specialized applications out there that can make your job a lot easier.
ExprCalcPlus is a good option, as it is capable of processing large numbers of mathematical expressions at once. It can receive manual input or get data from a text file, and the results can also be exported to a separate document.
Fairly straightforward expression calculator
When you launch the application, you will see that a few sample expressions are already listed in the first field. These need to be written one per row, and the results will be displayed in a similar fashion.
You can use the number pad to enter characters, but you are probably better off using your keyboard. However, when using various functions, these buttons will definitely come in handy.
Load expressions from a text file and export them to a document
While you can enter all the expressions in the designated field manually, things get a lot simpler if the data is already available in a text file. You can just load the document and let the program extract everything automatically.
Additionally, the results can be exported to a text file in any location on your hard drive. In any case, the output is always displayed in the main window as well.
Outdated user interface
If you’re feeling nostalgic, the Windows 7-style GUI may be right up your alley. However, it’s clear that it hasn’t been updated for some time, and it is not possible to resize the small window.
All in all, ExprCalcPlus is a useful tool if you need to calculate multiple mathematical expressions as quickly as possible. It does the job, but it is obviously an older application with an outdated GUI.







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ExprCalcPlus is a powerful expression calculator that can be used to process large amounts of expressions in an efficient manner.
It is possible to use this program to calculate mathematical expressions manually as well as to import expressions from a text file.
You can also export the results to a text document.

ExprCalcPlus Download:


It is capable of processing large amounts of mathematical expressions in a quick and efficient manner.
It is possible to load expressions from a text file as well as to input expressions manually.
The results can be exported to a document.

Enter expressions manually in the main window.
You can use the number pad to enter characters, but it is usually easier to enter the data with your keyboard.
It is possible to use the calculator to calculate large amounts of expressions manually.
ExprCalcPlus is a simple, powerful, and lightweight application.
It is capable of processing large amounts of mathematical expressions in a quick and efficient manner.

Some people have asked me to make a program like ExprCalcPlus for Windows. I have tried to make it like this program but I don’t know if I can do it well. I am always learning new stuff, so I have learned some more stuff.

I have made it into Windows Forms and I think it is better now. This Windows Forms program also has a GUI with a small window and a Textbox where you can enter the expressions. Now you can also load expressions from a text file with the Open File Dialog. (Grateful if you test the program, even if it is a little messy.)Otto Meissner

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ExprCalcPlus License Key

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ExprCalcPlus is a versatile mathematical expression calculator, suitable for tasks as diverse as fortune-telling and…

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What’s New In ExprCalcPlus?

ExprCalcPlus is a simple, easy to use mathematical expression calculator.
– Process large numbers of expressions at once
– Manual input with the number pad
– Automatic extraction from text files
– Export results to a text file
– Simple, easy to use user interface with a Windows 7 style
– Supports foreign languages
– Support for multiple languages.

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System Requirements For ExprCalcPlus:

CPU: Intel i7-4790K or AMD equivalent.
RAM: 8GB for Zbrush and Substance Painter
10GB for SubD
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 980 or AMD equivalent, recommended AMD R9 280 equivalent.
Art Direction
3D Modeling
Texturing and UV Maping


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