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“HyperMotion Technology” is a new, cutting-edge FIFA technology that has been devised by our video team. This complex, data-driven system now makes it possible to see the movement of players on the pitch in a completely new way. In FIFA 22, full movement is essential for creating authentic-looking football matches, whether you’re practising a training session or a FIFA Ultimate Team game. This new feature is central to FIFA 22 and enables you to see players in every aspect of the game – including their running positions, their progress through a pass or their style of play. In addition, the team actions that happen naturally in a match are now displayed realistically, showing each player’s contribution to the flow of a game. Learn more about the FIFA 22 engine and how it makes sense of all this exciting new data at For more on FIFA 22, check out The first player to have their movement in FIFA 22 analysed is Ivan Rakitic of FC Barcelona. Here are his thoughts on his reaction to this innovative new feature. Can you describe what it is like to have your movement captured to such an extent? Ivan Rakitic: I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like. I’ve had photos taken with my whole family, and every time I look at them I get a little emotional, because I can’t believe they exist. I can’t believe that my movement has been captured so accurately. They’ve been capturing it for several years, and it’s been super-hard work. The camera works in the same way as a drone, picking up all the motions of people playing on the pitch. It also uses GPS to record my running and jumping positions, and allows us to analyse my technique. For example, I might jump really high or really low. That gives us all kinds of information. So, it’s a bit like in Hollywood: motion capture is used for all kinds of action movies. But this is completely different. We’ve never had a tool like this before. It’s really important for FIFA to be the first to use it. I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid, so I’m used to motion capture. In FIFA 19,


Features Key:

  • Complete freedom: Dive into a crafted single player career mode or get to work out your skills in an all new Player Career.
  • New challenges: Complete diverse missions, challenge friends head-to-head in new modes, or build up your skills in the all new Player Career mode.
  • New commentary: Dive into the next level of the world’s most realistic football commentary, with a new production team and new announcers to bring you to your knees as you watch the game and the game unfolds before you.
  • Refined animations: Powerplay runs just like in real life. Gameplay is all new with new player and ball physics and improved ball handling and control. Players now stack and roll forward simultaneously while defenders drift through space like never before.
  • Taking the field: Mastering the controls: Create the ultimate team and perform trick shots even on the move, perfect free kicks from distance, or take off from a sprint using your moves.
  • The New Nike Pitch technology: Officially licensed and authentic with unprecedented control and movement, Nike PITCH technology lets players use the pitch like never before. Switches and buttons are reproduced on the pitch, and the ball rolls, swerves and spins just like it does in real life.
  • Dynamic gameplay: Get left footed, stay balanced, and control the ball just like you do in the real world in game including powering past players and dribbling while keeping possession. FIFA 22 also introduces “HyperMotion Technology” that uses motion capture data collected from players during a high intensity match to power gameplay. The Move Barometer that has you making longer passes to unlock the full potential of the Player Impact Engine. Movement is all new with more attention to detail, more plays, new rules and more.


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FIFA® 21 is the official videogame of the 2017/18 season, featuring the most authentic gameplay experience ever – including a completely overhauled dribbling system, a deeper player interaction system, improved control and ball physics, and much more. FIFA 21 delivers the next generation of immersive and intuitive gameplay, an all-new Career Mode, a new presentation, and the most complete level of club and player interaction ever in EA SPORTS FIFA. Alongside FIFA 21, EA SPORTS FIFA Trainer is the leading online FIFA simulation tool, with over 1.5 million global users. With FIFA 21, EA SPORTS FIFA and EA SPORTS FIFA Trainer become the best football gaming series on the market, giving players across the world the opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy football to the ultimate extent. What is Football? Football is a uniquely human sport that inspires millions. We want FIFA to capture the emotion of football as it should be played. For us that means creating the most authentic football game of all time. FIFA Football puts you deep into the action like never before, letting you experience every moment of every game the same way the pros do. FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition FIFA 17 delivers the deepest Football World Class experience of any game in the franchise history. With its new True Player Physics, revolutionary dribbling system, and streamlined control scheme, FIFA 17 focuses on truly bringing players to life by delivering the best football action to-date. If you don’t have this game, you should play it right now! Powered by Football and EA SPORTS, FIFA 17 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. It’s time for a revolution in football games and FIFA 17 will be the best one yet – be part of the celebration by downloading the game now. FIFA17 Deluxe Edition includes the ultimate FIFA 17 experience, a massive archive of classic match moments, and over 15 hours of all new gameplay. What’s included in FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition: FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition includes the ultimate FIFA 17 experience, a massive archive of classic match moments, and over 15 hours of all new gameplay. FIFA 17 Prelude: Seasons Become the all-time FIFA Ultimate Team Champion and relive your favourite moments of the game in this new prelude experience. Discover FIFA 17‘s most popular Ultimate Team cards, collect classic 269ba5057d


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The only way to improve your Squad and Attributes is through FIFA Ultimate Team, the most authentic online experience that allows you to trade, collect, and improve more than 700 players and unlock the very best in clubs around the world. My Career – The chance to relive key moments in your footballing journey as you play through your career. Track your stats, including making key decisions and transfers, and then compare your stats with the rest of the world to see how you rate! My FUT Legends – Take your dream career to the next level, and start with your very first team, and chronicle your achievements as you progress through the player ranks and earn legendary status. PRIVACY AND COMMUNICATIONSWe will occasionally use your personal data to send you information and advertisements, related to our products and services, which may be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any message you receive from us. GENERALYou can withdraw your consent at any time by unsubscribing from receiving marketing communications from us. Visit our website and applications Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.[An experimental study on hyperbaric oxygen-induced cochlea ischemia and hearing improvement]. To investigate the effects of hyperbaric oxygen-induced cochlea ischemia (HOCI) and hearing improvement. HOCI was induced in guinea pig cochleas using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HOT), oxygen supply 500-580 kPa for 4 hours, and then cochleas were examined with micro-CT, TEM, SEM and HE-stained sections to find the changes of blood supply of cochlea, and with electrocochleography (ECoG) to detect the changes of hearing. The results showed that HOCI was induced and cochleas became edematous and whitish, the stria vascularis was slough off, Reissner’s membrane, the spiral ligament, and the tectorial membrane were unclear or were even missing. In perivascular spaces of cochleas, erythrocytes appeared more and more, leading to cochlear ischemia. The threshold of wave I and wave III increased significantly, and there were a temporary reduction in wave V and a prolonged reduction in wave I. In conclusion, HOCI was induced and the hearing was improved after hyper


What’s new:

  • The Ultimate Team • Builder AI created for FIFA 22 has new game modes, a new scoring engine and new stadium generator.
  • EA SPORTS VOLLEYBOARD – the dynamic freely projected rebound controls are now leveraged both in the gameplay and the in-game viewport making the gameplay more responsive and explosive for the latest stride in cover-based sports gaming.
  • Ultimate Team • Builder AI created for FIFA 21 has been enhanced with new game modes, a new scoring engine and the inclusion of the home venue.
  • Live Activities – The new Live activities mode, have been added to your player’s game profile, so you can share your highlights with your friends and followers on social media. Just select the Live activity you want to upload to create and then share.
  • Career Mode • Experienced players can now play one more season after their career has ended.

Game Modes:

  • Custom Games – New mode that allows you to create games from scratch with any scenario in the game. It’s a full fledged game creator mode, fully integrated into the game with its own training interface. You can use it with any ruleset, or configure your own.
  • All-Star Games – Predefined all-star group of players not only enables you to play with great players of the past but also includes historical versions of each player.
  • Cup Games – New mode that challenges you to create and play in custom-made competitions; they could be from any league, any tournament, or even your FIFA world cup favorites.
  • Online Seasons – Multiplayer mode in career mode allows friends and strangers to play against each other. Create your favorite tournament and invite others to join.


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FIFA is the world’s leading football videogame series, bringing to life everything from the real-world atmosphere of the sport to the very sound of the game. FIFA 20 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. EA SPORTS Game Changers For the first time in series history, the EA SPORTS Game Changers feature will be available as a digital expansion. PlayStation 4 gamers can now try them out with their existing game. The EA SPORTS Game Changers are: The Pivoting Run The Bounce Pass Create-a-Crowd Master your Pitch Extra Time – Two Wedges Centre Backs – Two Winning Crucial Manoeuvres New Champions’ Features New Faces – 36 Premier League New Faces FIFA Ultimate Team – Arsenal: Starting XI Challenge Starters New Career Paths New Clubs New Stadiums New Training Ground Stadiums New Ball New Equipment New Skills New Goals What’s New FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team is a new game mode that will allow players to create and evolve their very own dream FUT squad, by combining real world players with new Legends and dream players available in FUT. FUT Champions FUT Champions is our biggest ever dedicated FUT game mode and will feature the iconic Player Ball, alongside the first ever All-Stars Team and expanded Champions Cup, which will see Europe’s best players compete against one another in a tag team format. Unlock and Customise Players Access the new Champions Pack and Customise the Loadout of every player in your FUT squad. Build your dream FUT squad using over 2,500 new official players – so the biggest, best and most respected FUT players ever to grace the pitch. Create the Ultimate Team From new faces to our all-time favourite legends, your dream squad can be fully created through the new FUT Draft. With Draft order and the freedom to choose from a new range of elite and rare skill types – FUT allows you to make dream combinations in a brand new way. Defy the Odds FUT offers the biggest selection of the ultimate FUT Drafts ever, with 6,500 Legend status players who are each a three-star wonder. With a host of daily and seasonal


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Windows 2000/2003 Server Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 16 GB RAM Internet Explorer 5.5 or later NVIDIA GEFORCE NVIDIA GeForce 6/7 NVIDIA GeForce 8/9 NVIDIA GeForce FX/FX2 NVIDIA GeForce 9/10 NVIDIA GeForce 8


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