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HTML-Notepad can come in handy to all Web writers who are looking for a tool that would help them work on formatted texts in HTML files (you can open several documents in multiple tabs).
Minimalist, distraction-free GUI
This application is meant to help you work without any distractions, so it makes sense that its GUI is minimalist and its functions are grouped under relevant icons.
It provides document structure visualization in the left side, so you can get a clear overview of how your HTML project looks like.
Multiple formatting options
HTML-Notepad supports a wide range of formatting options, so you can emphasize your text with bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, or inline code.
Additionally, when adding new content, you can format it as a normal paragraph or a division, or several types of headers.
Insert images, hyperlinks, tables
You can enhance your HTML project by inserting images (either inline or as a figure), hyperlinks and lists (unordered, ordered, definitions lists).
Additionally, you can add tables and you can select the number or rows and columns (if you change your mind later one, you can easily remove, merge or insert lines and columns).
Extensive hotkey support
A great feature of this application is that you can perform any action using dedicated hotkeys, which can significantly speed things up.
It goes without saying the you need to spend some time analyzing and learning these hotkeys, though you are probably familiar with most of them as they are standard combinations (however, you cannot modify any of them).
All things considered, even if HTML-Notepad is not meant to function as a webpage editor, you can still rely on its feature-set to design richly formatted HTML files, while also keeping an eye on its document structure and all its embedded elements.







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HTML-Notepad Cracked Version is a web-based tool that lets you work with HTML documents using an intuitive graphical user interface. It is designed with emphasis on usability and so is perfect for writing HTML documents.
It uses a simple approach to formatting, allowing you to highlight and bold your text, insert images, hyperlinks, tables, tables of contents and lists, all with a few mouse clicks.
You can easily create a blank document or fill it with content from the default templates.
HTML-Notepad Crack Mac is highly customizable. You can define your own hotkeys to perform actions, insert images, hyperlinks and lists, add inline code, insert tables of contents, insert lists and sections, and perform actions on your document elements.
You can easily add or remove any of these objects and also rearrange your document. It supports numerous document formatting options, such as text wrapping, inline code, tables and lists.
HTML-Notepad version history:
HTML-Notepad 1.4
Added option to create a new document
Added option to split pages in a new document
Added several design improvements
Added option to insert an image by URL
Added option to copy line or text
Added option to insert a list
Added option to show or hide line numbers
Added option to show/hide inline code
Added option to show/hide selected objects
HTML-Notepad 1.3
Updated UI
Updated code
HTML-Notepad 1.2
Added option to insert a footnote
HTML-Notepad 1.1
Updated to the current WordPress version
Added support for inserting inline images
HTML-Notepad 1.0
Initial version. Reviews HTML-Notepad for Windowsposted on 2019-03-21 21:00:04Hello users of, we have released HTML-Notepad and we hope you will love it.
HTML-Notepad is a web-based application that provides a number of features for people who are making HTML files. You can open several documents in multiple tabs, and use regular expressions and tags to quickly modify or preview your text.
HTML-Notepad is very easy to use: it comes with a toolbar and a simple interface, so you can immediately start working on your text.
It has three modes: the default one lets you work with your text, the formatted mode lets you apply different styles to text, and the preview

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SHIFT+I => a button with an up-pointing arrow, when clicked inserts a table
CTRL+C => Copy the current selection
CTRL+X => Cut the current selection
CTRL+V => Paste the current selection
CTRL+B => Bold
CTRL+I => Italic
CTRL+U => Underline
CTRL+S => Strike through
CTRL+XF => Insert italic, font-style bold, font-size-1.5 times normal, and different font
CTRL+OF => Insert strong
CTRL+ST => A division with two styles, font-style normal, font-size-0.75 times normal, and a different background
CTRL+UB => A division with a table cell background color and font-style bold
CTRL+UN => An unordered list with no style
CTRL+UL => An ordered list with no style
CTRL+DL => A definition list with no style
CTRL+DF => A definition list with no style and with an indentation of two
CTRL+O => An element with a size and color
CTRL+CC => An unordered list with a size, color, and background
CTRL+PC => A paragraph with size, color, and background
CTRL+SS => An unordered list with a size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+SU => A paragraph with a size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+PP => A paragraph with size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+SE => An unordered list with a size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+DB => A division with background and color
CTRL+EC => A definition list with background and color
CTRL+SU => An unordered list with a size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+SD => A paragraph with size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+EL => A paragraph with size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+EW => A paragraph with size, background, and indentation of two
CTRL+IS => A paragraph with a size and background
CTRL+BS => A paragraph with a size and background
CTRL+OL => A division with background and color
CTRL+OC => An ordered list with background and color
CTRL+OD => A definition list with background and

HTML-Notepad With Keygen

HTML-Notepad is a HTML editor with a minimalistic and distraction-free interface.
Instead of the standard HTML files, you are using HTML-Notepad to work with formatted HTML files and other documents.
You can open multiple files in different tabs and have a view of their structure.
Use the structure tree as a navigational tool to view and find any element within the file.
Additionally, add inline images, hyperlinks and tables using hotkeys or simple drag and drop.
HTML-Notepad supports all formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, or inline code.
You can enhance your HTML projects by inserting images, hyperlinks and lists.
Add images, hyperlinks, tables, and even add codes to them by simply dragging-and-dropping from the file to the tool’s interface.
Insert lines, columns and paragraphs.
Quickly rename any element by clicking the element’s title in the left side.
Change the element’s name by double-clicking its title.
Create nested elements (div, ul, p, ol, li) and insert any HTML code.
Adjust the page layout using the available layout options such as dividing the page into columns, dividing the page into rows and arranging the elements (as a table).
Insert page breaks and anchors.
HTML-Notepad supports all the tags required for creating HTML projects.
Open, edit and save multiple HTML files simultaneously.
Intelligent editing:
Work in the same file by synchronizing the text.
Quickly select and copy all the elements in the current file.
Use the document structure as a navigational tool to view and find any element in the file.
Insert the most used elements by simply double-clicking the file name in the left side.
Working with images:
Drag-and-drop images from the file to the interface.
Insert images inline with simple click.
Insert images as figures with the mouse.
Drag and drop images to the left side to easily arrange them.
Advanced formatting:
Highlight words and lines with multiple colors using the built-in highlighting feature.
Use bullets and numbering.
Use text formatting such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and subscript.
Use the built-in code formatting to format the code you are writing.
Use bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and subscript for inline code

What’s New in the?

HTML-Notepad is a simple yet powerful HTML editor that allows you to work on your projects quickly and efficiently. You can use this application to format, preview, and edit HTML files.
Find and replace, auto completion, special tags and attributes are some of the features that are included in this piece of software. The interface has minimal design to provide fast and clean display of your files. This tool allows you to display different levels of the code hierarchy, which helps you to check the structure of your HTML documents. Also, the application supports an in-built preview mode. The preview feature can be activated while you are working on an HTML document.
HTML-Notepad Screenshot:
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1.5Ghz CPU
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible (Core 2 Duo) or greater
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 1GB free space
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional: The game requires a DirectX 9 graphics card that is 64-bit compatible with Windows XP. To see if your card is 64-bit compatible, please refer to the hardware compatibility list at the bottom of this page. For hardware

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