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Download >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






MindOnTrack Portable Crack + Free For PC (Updated 2022)

MindOnTrack Portable Serial Key is a Linux-based mind mapping application with rich features. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use solution for creating, editing and exporting mind maps. It has a portable mode and supports collaborative editing. It can create and manage projects, such as a project plan, project status report, SWOT analysis, organizational chart, or projects dashboard. MindOnTrack Portable also has an option for creating mind maps. Mind maps can be as simple or complex as needed, and you can use it to create any type of mind map design. MindOnTrack Portable is made with XMind technology, which is available for all operating systems. It allows you to convert mind maps to JPG, PNG, GIF and other image formats. MindOnTrack Portable Features:

1. Easy-to-use GUI – 3 panel design

2. Rich features – Mind mapping, mind map printing, mind map export

3. Lightweight, portable – MindOnTrack Portable is fully integrated into the Linux OS

4. Multilingual – MindOnTrack Portable can be installed in 13 languages

5. Collaborative mode – MindOnTrack Portable supports collaborative mode

6. Rich features – Mind mapping, mind map printing, mind map export

7. Mobile version – MindOnTrack Portable can be used with mobile devices

MindOnTrack Portable is a freeware for Linux and Mac OS X. It can be downloaded from Softpedia. Be aware of fake downloads of this software and the one from the official website. The file from the latter is safe and authentic, while the file from the former is not. If you want to download a freeware from Softpedia, check the SourceForge.net download page.

I started out with GIMP to make mine, but didn’t like it. I got it for free with a VPS and now use XMind which is great. I use it for all sorts of things like mind mapping, diagramming (especially for programming), and thinking.

… but very, very important: I’m using a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet to draw.

Personally I think there are less limitations than with drawing programs that can’t have colored overlays of other objects.

That’s why XMind is awesome, because it supports colored (or any other) over-lays. It can generate programs and make “compiler” for each specific tool or for the whole program.

Also, the compatibility

MindOnTrack Portable Crack Full Version [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

Create and manage Mind Maps

Version: Version 1.0.0

Languages: English

System requirements: WinXP/Vista/Mac OSX/Linux

License: GNU General Public License

File Size: 9.7 MB

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Rating: 4 out of 5

DownloadMindOnTrack Portable – Mind Map Software for Windows PC from csoft.ru

Can create mind maps in FreeMind or Visio


Price: Free

I recommend this app. It’s free, and works well.

May 21, 2018

Aaron Vise

Product & Tech Reviews Editor

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MindOnTrack Portable Crack + Activator

MindOnTrack is a mind mapping and concept management tool, released for the first time on June 3rd, 2005. It’s the very first mind mapping software to display your thought process as a diagram.
Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, MindOnTrack will let you quickly come up with strategies, develop plans, and solve your biggest problems. The result can be a high quality, very simple and straightforward mind map.
It’s a professional software that’s the best value for money:
– it’s free, available for any platform, with no limitations and no ads.
– it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and others.
– it’s 100% compliant to the standards of concept mapping.
– it can handle any number of users.
– it has a built-in mind map editor.
– it has a rich set of features and a high level of customization.
– its list of mind map templates has been expanded several times since its release.
– it can be used as a standalone application or embedded into an application.
With MindOnTrack, you get the benefits of a mind map software with no restrictions.
Main features:
-Mind maps can be created in any format, while they can be exported in many different formats. They can be exported to HTML, text, tag package, freeMind, XMind 2008 Workbook format, the OmniGraffle format, as well as GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG images.
-Mind maps can be embedded directly into any application, and also used as plugins.
-Mind maps can be shared and viewed online, and uploaded to any server and website.
-Mind maps can be synchronized with other programs, such as Evernote and Microsoft Outlook.
-Mind maps can be used on a Mac and on a Windows system.
-Mind maps can be personal or shared with anyone, anywhere.
-Mind maps can be used by the entire team.
-Mind maps can be shared over email and other applications.
-Mind maps can be used by anyone in the world.
MindOnTrack Portable is an updated version of the Free MindOnTrack for the PC and MindOnTrack for the Mac.
Free MindOnTrack Portable is a mind mapping utility for the PC that can be used by anyone to make mind maps.
It’s a lightweight application that loads fast and has no ads, however, it’s not free.


External links
Official site

What’s New In MindOnTrack Portable?

MindOnTrack Portable is useful for brainstorming sessions, whether you’re looking for a think-outside-the-box solution at work, or trying to figure out your personal life goals.
No pre-requisites necessary
The downloaded package has all the required components for running MindOnTrack Portable, including Java and Eclipse, in addition to the Linux and Mac versions. You can save the files anywhere on the disk or a USB flash drive to run the tool on any PC directly. It shouldn’t change any settings in the Windows registry.
Rich interface with mind map templates
The main application window of MindOnTrack Portable supports tabs for toggling multiple mind maps. It has a professional-looking structure and a wide range of options displayed. A sample task is loaded at startup to give you some basic usage instructions.
Several samples are available, unless you want to create new mind maps from ground up: project plan, project status report, projects dashboard, organizational chart, short meeting, meeting management, SWOT analysis, “cause and effect”, timeline, make a decision”, or weekly plan. You can create new ones and save them as XMind template files.
Add tasks and details to design the mind map
As you may have noticed, there are a few large buttons on the left side of the window, and the default selected one is “Projects”. This area holds information about topics, subtopics, sheets, attachments, tags, relationships, boundaries, summaries, notes, labels, and hyperlinks.
For example, new tasks can be created by specifying the due date, recurrence, structure (e.g. auto follow the parent’s structure), text, shape, and line displayed in the diagram. This data can be easier modified by switching to “Mind Mapping” mode to view the diagram and double-click any object to edit its properties.
Preset diagram styles and hotkeys for all commands
MindOnTrack Portable features a spellchecker and basic search-and-replace function, in addition to multiple preset diagram styles for topics, boundaries, relationships, and sheets. New tags can be added to the existing ones (Contact, At home, At work, Errands, Online, Read), as well as organized into different groups (e.g. Priority, Task Complete, Flags, Stars).
Keyboard shortcuts are supported for all commands and they can be remapped, while projects can be saved as new revisions or exported to HTML, image, text, tag package, FreeMind, or XMind 2008 Workbook format.
Evaluation and conclusion
It used low CPU and moderate RAM in our tests, carried out various tasks rapidly, and didn’t hang or prompt error messages. It crashed a couple of times out of the blue, though.
Taking into account its rich options and customization settings, as well as the fact that it’s free to use, MindOnTrack Portable proves to be an excellent


System Requirements For MindOnTrack Portable:

Processor: Pentium 1.0GHz or better; Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or better
Minimum 1GB
Display: 1024×768 or higher
Hard Drive: 30GB Free Disk Space
Please note: Due to the nature of operating system software, there are likely to be some variations in performance. Some features may not be supported due to issues with the chipset and motherboard.
Internet Browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Video Card:
GeForce 9800


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