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The hexagram suggests a total change of attitude as the meniscus of a glassyliquid on cooling runs back down the sides. In one’s position at the time of theancient Taoists the consequences were the same. The Tao elements governinghell and transformation, together with their aspect of “tasting,” produced asingle comprehensive movement. A person was not distinguished from others, butall aspects of himself were found in one another. In the transition fromthis to the modern position, the movement is pushed to a higher level and breaks apart, so that one is distinguishable and able to pursue a special career. But if we are not very careful, the new position may in turn produceabnormal effects, as though man were turned inside out.

The right impulse is also an indispensable part of the process. A person should not lose himself in the narrow area of what is ordinarily regarded as good, but rather should keep an eye out on the broader horizon. For him who has worked in the world at one time, and met with failure at another, it would be natural to feel comforted to discover that his mission is not futile justbecause it was not accomplished. Reluctance to complete the task at the time of beginning is also in vain. In the course of time one will be certain of success.


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