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Things I like in Lightroom 5:

  • The new updated version of Adobe’s Lightroom CC is one that does NOT have compatibility issues. What this means is that if you have Lightroom on your computer, you will be able to use the free Lightroom mobile app.
  • Lightroom is now faster—in the latest version, my attempts to sort files have often been cut in half. Another, somewhat of a no-brainer, is the redesigned user interface that is more pleasing to the eye compared to the previous versions. Perhaps the most important addition from the gets-up-and-go feature of the five-star rating is the ability to browse photo albums from any browser. I regularly work with client budget plans and I believe this important feature to be a must.
  • Arguably, one of the best improvements in Lightroom is the video capabilities. I have tested it out on my iPhone X (6S Max) and the Apple TV (4K), and they work flawlessly.
  • While this program is no longer a total overhaul (like Photoshop), there are some other improvements including the ability to access and manage comment tags on images; a new ability to add HDR layers; the ability to view advanced metadata; and the ability to directly import and export JPG 2000 files.

Things that Lightroom 5 does NOT have:

  • Photoshop-style Create-a-style tools. One of the biggest downsides of Lightroom (other than the matter of adding a subscription), is that you have to be able to get to it to use it.
  • A bundled RAW converter.

photoshop cs6 is the latest version of Adobe¼ Photoshop¼ (photoshop¼), the world’s leading imaging solution that offers powerful yet easy-to-use tools for the creation, editing and sharing of digital images and videos. With Photoshop, you can easily enhance and retouch your photographs, create stunning videos, design eye-catching flyers, posters, websites and eLearning, and organize digital photos using advanced creative tools like the painting features. The new Photoshop also includes powerful new features such as Content-Aware Fill, which makes it easier to fix imperfections in images. You can also use the new File menu to work efficiently and easily with your files, such as opening multiple layouts in your documents.

In this comprehensive PhotoshopÂź CS6 class, you will learn the basics of photography and digitally editing photographs using Adobe PhotoshopÂź CS6. The course will introduce the fundamental concepts of photo editing, such as the layers and adjustments panel, which help you to edit your photographs, speed up the creation process, and produce high quality results. You will also explore the Image > Adjustments command, which uses tools such as Levels and Curves, to perform basic adjustments to your photographs. You will learn how to use the advanced adjustment tools in the Curves and Levels dialog boxes, including Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights to produce polished, professional results. You will also learn about the Adjustment Brush, which is used to fine-tune shadows and highlights on a photograph. By the end of this class, you will be able to edit photos using the fundamentals of digital photography to produce finished images that can be used for proofing.


Seen in movies, computer graphics and televisions, computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the result of having great power to solve practically any problem. Adobe Photoshop features electronic drawing tools, photo-editing tools and face-recognition software that allows you to apply special effects to a photo–this can turn your child into a curious, cheeky-faced character, for example. Photoshop is the industry standard of the electronic animation and entertainment industry, and has brought about a revolution in television.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used graphics software in the world. It has been at the cutting edge of graphic software since its first release in 1984 and is the global standard in image manipulation and photo-editing software. Photoshop is to software effects what word processors and word processors are to paper.

The first new version of Microsoft Word is now available, and it is called “Word 2013,” which is a new version of the widely used word processor, which will feature a bold new look. Microsoft released the beta version of the new version of Word, “Word 2013,” early this year, and now it is available for download from the manufacturer’s website. Microsoft now offers Word version 2013 at $139.99, with free trial versions available.

APNG is a file format similar to GIF, save animations, and is used in Adobe Flash and other web browsers. This is how you can create a video on your web browser using the Animation tools in Flash.

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Photoshop is a powerful, yet powerful tool. That is, to say that it is a powerful tool for you to do anything you want on images in a blink of an eye—from adjusting color to creating the most elaborate of visual effects. It gives you the flexibility to add visual effects in real-time, which is why it’s a must in any graphic designer’s toolset.

You can remove a tree fringing an unshaded rock, darken the sky behind your model, smooth out the wrinkles on a shirt, or even airbrush out a jawline with an airbrush. You can also use the new particle options in nine new emulsion types, which you can add to your layer. There are even 17 new, wintry particles, like snowflakes.

Photoshop has made some big improvements in the program’s documents working set for editing vector images and shapes. You can now easily import and export PDF documents with all of the geometry intact. It also brings experience of editing and working with layers with more ease. To edit raster images and vector images, Photoshop has a smart toolbox with intuitive controls and robust documentation.

Adobe Photoshop CC is now my prime choice for my favorite photo editor. Photoshop CC has more power than most other photo editors since it is an all-in-one program that includes photography, photo editing, and post-processing tools.

Adobe Photoshop CC allows you to enhance, edit, and share photos at a high level of speed compared with other tools. The most noticeable new feature in Photoshop CC is the vector editing capability. You can now truly slice and pop and construct and decompose designs. You can also customise and replace the strokes of outlines to your liking. One of Photoshop’s most notable strengths is its recovery of all geometric features. Many situations require the extraction of vector elements, including objects from photographs.

Read About: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials to find out how a graphic designer or designer works and gets creative to create eye-catching and fabulous images and graphics. Of course, you can still use Photoshop to create both & Design Tutorials For Fun .

Now that you’ve got a general understanding of Photoshop features, let’s learn a few things about specific Photoshop features and tools, such as how to use the Eyedropper tool to select color, an easy way to crop images, the use of the Magic Wand tool, and how to select areas to add text in Photoshop. For additional information about using other features, including the Move Tool and the Pen tool, check out the video tutorials listed below to learn more »

Once you start using Photoshop, you will learn quickly that there are hundreds and thousands of features and tools to use in Photoshop. Even though you may learn all of those features in short order, novice users or those new to Photoshop will need a bit of time and practice to learn all of these features. Even after practicing, Photoshop has information on everything you can do with the program. It’s highly versatile software and it’s hard to teach someone to use it entirely from scratch.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a version of Photoshop for photographers, graphic artists and hobbyists designed with the novice in mind. It is a powerful, yet easy to use image editing tool that provides most of the options available to a professional graphics editor. On top of that, it is also a great way to get acquainted with the features of Photoshop by using the same software you’ve been using for years, with minimal learning.

While the name-drop may seem superfluous, this one is actually an anniversary edition of Photoshop and one of the most anticipated software in the industry. It now can also be used on Windows OS versions for mobile users and your laptop at home. There are also new features such as multi-GB PSD support, Artboard, natural photo fixes, image smoothing and effects such as skin retouching. There are also a host of new Web-friendly tools including Auto-Smart Tone 2.0, Edit Smart Content, Free Form Layers and many more.

Like Photoshop, the upcoming release of Photoshop CC update the copy paste feature from Illustrator to Photoshop. It allows users to simply drag and drop the font or text directly from Illustrator into Photoshop. Here are some other new update :

At this year’s launch of Photoshop, Adobe also announced a slew of new features in its Camera Raw update. The update completely reengineered the software, bringing it into a new era of raw processing. It included native support for 16-bit ProRes (P2, P3, P4, LR4), and also for Kodak’s 4K and RAW files and more. The preview pane now supports live previews of RAW files, so you can even see changes on the move. The New Perspective readout uses a custom six-sided layout to create a real-time ambient light meter to help you accurately balance exposure.

Photoshop now also includes a few new features. The Freeform Layers and S-Curves Filters make it easier to control the shape of each individual object. The Zoom and Draw Tools have many new features that are designed to support sketch-based workflow. And the History panel is now easier to navigate. We also get the new Sharpen, Filter Variations, Reveal Content, Liquify and Refine Features. More interesting stuff can be found at

Audiobooks are becoming a new source of entertainment for many people. People now use some of the innovative online photo editing tools such as PicMonkey to edit photos, funny their own voiceover as well as their personality to the consumers’ own liking.

Adobe Photoshop can be used and downloaded by the audience of a creative industry as it is the software used to promote creative content, research and train staff, direct client work, a graphic designer, etc. The editing tools use by the professionals of the creative industry are the tools that are available on the market to the general public. People get to use the software according to their needs.

Any professional photographer who wants to impress clients or fans should ensure that they integrate photoshop to their equipment. It provides several options like a digital camera, camera lense or a camera flash that can be used to take the picture.

One of the major development that was done in Photoshop during the last few years is the introduction of context aware tools, which apply special filters based on the context of the image. For example, there is a lot of interest in images of dogs for purposes such as studding, pet reservation, wedding photography. It is much easier to apply pet filters to a dog image, automatically, than identifying and placing the eye of the animal in an image. Context Aware Type and Content Aware Layers—these two tools pave the way toward a new era of creative control over Photoshop and Adobe’s site.

Cropping is the process of editing a photo that eliminates an unwanted portion. You need a number of different tools to have a Cropping Tool in Photoshop. You can resize, flip, or crop the photo that you want to edit. The aperture window, masking window, and grid window enable you to do it easily.

The controls that can be used to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the photo are located on the bottom menu bar. If you select them, you can adjust them, and the other sides of the photo will automatically adjust.

The Multi Selection is a tool that allows you to make changes to photos easier. You should use it for editing photos. For example, you can make a photo to use only in black and white. You can select all the color you want to change it to white. Then use the eye dropper tool to select everything you want to change it to white, and press the Delete key, and you will be able to apply.

Completely comprised of 64-bit architecture, Photoshop CS5 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that significantly enhances overall performance. Using 4GB of RAM, the new Photoshop landscape feature is a productivity solution that can read up to 4,000 layers of images. Photoshop CS5 also introduces the following features:

  • Adobe Precise Touch-Up, which enables you to quickly preview your edits in real time without supplying information such as resolution and file size.
  • Preview Images by Content, which gives you access to all the features of a file with one click, and is especially useful when a file has lots of complex elements.
  • New Camera Raw 5.1.1. 11, which includes a new toolbox for cropping images in line with Adobe Camera Raw, Contrast, Curves, and more.
  • Adobe Camera Raw 5.1.1. 11 includes Adobe Lens Corrections tool that you can use to quickly and efficiently correct the color and vignetting of any lens.
  • New Object Selection controls, which let you make selections and create and edit selections within the same interface, and Pinch tools, which let you quickly scale an image for fine-tune precision.
  • Triple Mesh Projection, which makes it easier to work with projectors and 3D models.
  • New improved motion path line display available, which adds more affordance to the built-in vector ruler. In addition, the Stride tool now includes the ability to work on paths.

Photoshop is probably the best-known photo editing program. It has been a staple of AR photos and Photoshop in particular has had the most influence in modern photography. The name “Photoshop” comes from the “photomacrographer” and the “deeplesschield” (photoshop expert, someone who can do anything) by Arnold Greenberg who was working for Adobe Systems as an in-house advertising artist in 1975.

A powerful graphics editing and retouching program designed to provide flexibility, control, and speed for users. Photoshop is probably the best-known photo editing program. It has been a staple of AR photos and Photoshop in particular has had the most influence in modern photography. The name “Photoshop” comes from the “photomacrographer” and the “deeplesschield” (photoshop expert, someone who can do anything) by Arnold Greenberg who was working for Adobe Systems as an in-house advertising artist in 1975. Photoshop includes a broad range of tools — some of which have remained relatively unchanged for years — and a process called ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) technology that can open RAW files from several different camera brands.

Photoshop Image Search is a powerful (yet easy-to-use) search tool that is built into the program. It allows you to search for common items, such as people, trees, and graffiti. It can perform image processing operations and more as well as launch a large range of productivity apps. It can import entire custom image libraries created in other programs. You can quickly navigate your photos with a built-in navigation tool that allows you to quickly scroll through your camera roll and everything within it.

Photoshop is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes other Adobe products such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Dreamweaver. Photoshop Creative Cloud allows users to work on image and graphic content from anywhere.

Secondary content editing tools for image retouching make the tools in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements even more powerful to help digital photographers express their creativity. The intuitive tools make image editing quick and easy.

Working with images beyond the desktop is a natural evolution as users become more and more mobile. For additional convenience, Photoshop on iPad and iPhone now lets users run Photoshop with tools optimized for the mobile environment. Through Facebook #photoshop, users can share an image or project directly from Photoshop, as well as view and create edits in an in-app browser. Photoshop is Microsoft’s digital-art and photo-editing tool for Windows 10 and Office 365. Users can download Photoshop on the Mac App Store for $39.99 and install it on up to five macOS computers. Photoshop also runs on other platforms, including Android, Linux and Chromebooks.

Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) is transforming the world through digital experiences. We help people and organizations create, connect, and inspire with digital applications, services, content, and devices. Our flagship products include the Creative Suite of web, video, print, mobile, and cloud production and design applications; Creative Cloud service for the world’s best creative communities and an ecosystem of more than 1.7 million developers; and Typekit, the global leader in web fonts. We serve our customers through our Partner Network, an ecosystem of over 12,000 companies, from 6 to 80 million strong, who provide specialized technologies, services, and content. Our products and solutions are used daily by millions of creators at all stages of the creative process. For more information visit:

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