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Designed as the portable edition of Rapid Process Manager, this is a software application that gives you the possibility to quickly terminate currently running processes. It's wrapped in a simple interface and provides options via the right-click menu.
No setup necessary, besides .NET Framework
Provided that you have .NET Framework installed on your PC, you don't need to set up anything else. You can save Portable Rapid Process Manager in a custom location on the computer or on a USB flash drive to be able to launch it directly on any PC with .NET Framework. More importantly, it doesn't make any changes in the Windows registry.
End, close, suspend and resume processes
The interface is represented by a very small window with a plain and simple layout, where all the currently active processes are loaded at startup, so you can check out their name and process ID, as well as click on an area to refresh information.
By opening the context menu of a selected program, you can terminate, close, suspend or resume its process. It's also possible to select two or more items to apply the same action for all of them. There are no other notable options provided by Portable Rapid Process Manager.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages in our tests and, as we expected, it had minimal impact on the overall performance of the machine, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly.
On the other hand, it failed in its attempt to end the processes of multiple programs, although it didn't indicate any issues. Moreover, the window cannot be made enlarged, and it's a bit difficult to scroll through numerous processes. Nevertheless, you can test Portable Rapid Process Manager for yourself.


Download DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Portable Rapid Process Manager Crack

Close, suspend and resume currently running processes.

Evaluation and conclusion:

It didn’t hang, crash or prompt error messages in our tests.

Failed in its attempt to end the processes of multiple programs.

It can’t be enlarged.

It’s a bit difficult to scroll through numerous processes.

It only works with.NET Framework and doesn’t make any changes in the Windows registry.

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Portable Rapid Process Manager Crack + With Full Keygen

How to activate the software?

Download the.zip archive file
Open the folder that contains Portable Rapid Process Manager Cracked Accounts, double-click on the executable file PortableRapidProcessManager.exe
From the menu, choose Start / Run
In the Open box, type in C:\Program Files (x86)\Platimus Technology, and then click OK
Click on the Portable Rapid Process Manager icon
You can now close all the windows, press the Windows key, select Portable Rapid Process Manager, and then click on the red X on the top right corner to close the application

Interface and main features

Provides a single window with a plain and simple layout, where the list of currently active processes is loaded at startup
Provides an option to close all processes with a single click

What are the main programs and features?

It didn’t hang, crash or prompt error messages in our tests and, as we expected, it had minimal impact on the overall performance of the machine, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly
On the other hand, it failed in its attempt to end the processes of multiple programs, although it didn’t indicate any issues
It’s not possible to open files of multiple items at the same time
It’s not possible to scroll through the list of processes

What does the cost of the evaluation include?

The product was tested thoroughly for its performance and compatibility on Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 7 SP1 64 bit
The evaluation of this product will last for 30 days, from the date of purchase
During this time, we will send you detailed information on the performance of this product and on its compatibility with the systems included in the evaluation, as well as help and supportAdvanced Search

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This is the Advanced Search page. You can try a simple search, use our Google custom search box, or try one of the forms in the box on the right.

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Portable Rapid Process Manager Crack

What is new in official Portable Rapid Process Manager software version? – Changes in official Portable Rapid Process Manager software version: – New Release Notes. – Feature updates. What is expected in the future? Newly-made Portable Rapid Process Manager final release will be fully optimized and bug fixed. What is new in Portable Rapid Process Manager – Bug fixes.

Publisher’s description:

Portable Rapid Process Manager is a powerful software utility that allows you to terminate currently running processes, close window(s), or even execute programs with the ‘runas’ verb. The tool features an intuitive interface that makes it very easy to use. You can locate, close, suspend, and resume processes for all applications you use.

In the “Run…” command, you can select the application you want to terminate, the minimum process ID (PID) of the program, or the application from the Start Menu, and click OK. This will open the “Terminate Process” dialog.

By pressing the “End Process” button, the specified process will be terminated immediately. You can specify a verb to be executed before or after closing the application or window.

The “Suspend Process” button will suspend the process, which is either currently running or you’ve selected. The program will continue to run, but it won’t accept new input from the user. By pressing the button, you can specify a verb to be executed before or after suspending the process.

The “Resume Process” button will resume the suspended process. After a short pause, the application will continue to run as if it had never been suspended.

The application supports the following features:

βœ” Run processes in Windows PowerShell
βœ” Close window(s) (you can also specify their title)
βœ” Suspend and resume processes (for all running programs)
βœ” Manage processes and window(s) (e.g. you can move, close, resize, and hide windows, as well as select and move selected process(es) to another desktop/virtual desktop)
βœ” Sysinternals tool set
βœ” Support for the Start Menu and for the “Open With” dialog box
βœ” Support for the context menu of all running programs and the “Open with…” dialog box
βœ” Support for multiple users on the same machine
βœ” Support for the process listing for the Task Manager and the process listing for the Windows Process Explorer

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System Requirements For Portable Rapid Process Manager:

An Intel Pentium CPU class III or faster
A video card that supports OpenGL 1.4
A DVD-ROM drive or a USB 2.0 compatible hard drive
A resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher
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