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Easy-to-use mixing controls, wireless supports, multi-track recording and virtual sound checking with no band required are just some of the reasons why PreSonul StudioLive is a highly appreciated mixer. Then again, let us not forget that one of the arguments used again digital mixers resides in the fact that you need to have a solid knowledge of how to manage the sound.
The highlight of StudioLive is the fact that it provides you with all the settings and controls you need for a distinct channel in one location. To put it simply, you can to manage and monitor via LED displays for relevant sound data, such as panning, high-pass filters, gating, limiter, output assignments, stereo linking, so on and so forth.
PreSonus Universal Control is an application that can help you chain up the recording devices in an uncomplicated and intuitive matter. More exactly, the utility is designed to lend you a hand with properly mapping the WDM channels to the corresponding devices. On a side note, the program used to come bundled with the FireStudio Interfaces devices, a professional recording system that unfortunately has been discontinued.
Upon launch, the app solely enables you to set a handful of features, namely the sample rate, clock source, safe mode and the buffer size. Then again, you should keep in mind that the idea behind the application is to provide you with an easy way to use any device as the master clock source and hence, slave the entire chain to an external digital device.









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As one of the first multi-port USB Mixers to come out of the box with PreSonus products, StudioLive offers 24 inputs and 8 outputs with easy-to-use remote-style mixing controls, wireless and monitoring. It also features 12-Band graphic EQ.

StudioLive features easy-to-use mixing controls, wireless support and multi-track recording. It also allows you to monitor and control up to four StudioLive 24s.

StudioLive offers eight StudioLive 24 inputs and eight StudioLive 24 outputs for the ultimate in channel control. Multi-track recording lets you connect up to four StudioLive 24s for simultaneous mixing.

StudioLive’s 8-band graphic EQ is great for balancing out the mix. The EQ is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

StudioLive connects directly to your computer, giving you the flexibility to use external sources like CD/DVD drives and turntables.

StudioLive is the world’s first two-way multi-track mixer to offer a full 24-bit audio signal chain.

StudioLive offers high-quality 44.1/48k 24-bit input and output processing with zero latency and no need for phantom power.

StudioLive features a high-resolution AES/EBU 24-bit 96k USB interface for connecting to your studio PC.

Universal Control enables you to connect any device in the studio to your computer.

StudioLive has up to 24 inputs and 8 outputs, 8 4-band graphic equalizers, and internal logic and gain controls.


The StudioLive 8 is a 24-input and 8-output mixer. This is one of the few mixers that allows you to mix four units simultaneously.

Main Features:

StudioLive has 10 input channels and 8 independent output channels with a separate pre-amp and FX section.

PreSonus has included a few special features, such as the 16-step pitch shifter that can take you from C3 to C7 in half steps.

The mixer has 24 inputs and 8 outputs, 4 band graphic EQ, and a 48kHz sample rate.

StudioLive has a separate pre-amp and FX section.

StudioLive has several great features such as a mixer with a DAW, 24bit/96kHz USB connection, front panel controls for each input and output and eight aux inputs.

StudioLive has 8 independent output channels

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KeyMacro is an easy-to-use, multifunctional virtual keyboard and macros editor for the Windows operating system. With KeyMacro you can easily assign hotkeys to any application. No knowledge of programming is required, KeyMacro comes with a set of pre-defined, customizable keyboard shortcuts that you can download and activate immediately. As an added bonus, KeyMacro provides you with a fully customizable skin with hundreds of ready-to-use skins, skins-fonts, and skin-colors.
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Professional Voice-Checker is an application that can help you assess the correct pitch, volume and timing of your voice recordings. Unlike other voice-checkers, Professional Voice-Checker is capable of optimizing your voice recordings based on a set of criteria. The program can help you minimize hissing, breath-articulation, silence or background noise. Vocal Sweeper is always ready to work and automatically identifies your voice from the recordings you submitted. In addition, you can also examine the results visually via waveform and spectrum graphs.
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Retro sound is a standalone audio editor that you can use to clean up, re-record or simply edit your soundtracks in a modern way. The program allows you to easily trim the unwanted segments from your sound recordings. You can then set the exact parameters for the cuts and adjust the balance between individual tracks. Since Retro sound does not affect the original recordings, you can also adjust the pitch and the volume of each track independently. When you are done, you can export your edited soundtrack or add effects such as Equalization, Compression, Panning and Volume.
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What’s New in the?

Sigmatek’s AudioCal 0.95 is a basic application designed to help you manage your mixdown efforts. The application combines an unlimited number of soft metering options and a basic monitoring system.
The application comes bundled with an easy-to-use LED display for your computer. It can be also used as a remote control for your desktop audio system, thus allowing you to set the exact parameters for your mixdown.
The application has two major dials and one control knob. The first dial is set to your headphone level while the second dial provides you with your dB level. If you want to customize the settings, you can use the small knob, which is set to the input gain and the output volume.
With AudioCal 0.95, you can work on the different mixdown parameters for a particular song. In the application, you can also find separate functions, such as dialog, quiet zone, compressor, EQ, dynamics, and so on.
You can adjust the settings to your liking and then save them to the internal memory for later use. AudioCal 0.95 is based on Sigmatek’s Auto Calibration System, which is the ideal app for users who need to work on the WDM (wave-division multiplexing) settings for their computer based audio system.


With the help of DynaComp’s TCM Pro 5, you can quickly create your own custom mixdowns. Even if you’re a newbie, you will find the application pretty easy to use and have a fun time.
The TCM Pro 5 is a PC-based tool for the creation and application of custom mixdowns. If you want to begin using the application, you will have to go through a basic instruction manual, where you will find all the necessary steps.
First, you will have to import all the songs you have in your library. The application is equipped with a collection of more than 25 pre-loaded tracks that you can use for the creation of mixdowns. To begin with, you need to choose a set of song files you want to use for the creation of the mixdowns.
The next step is to create a mixing template. To do so, you have to locate and select the audio tracks you want to apply to the mixdowns you want to create. Then, you can use the ‘…’ button in order to play the selected tracks and create a new one.
From now on, the application will give you a preview of the track you just created. To manage the sound, you can change the track level, panning, and use it as a reference track. In the same way, you can add any of the other tracks you want and thus, create a unique mixdown.
At the end of the mixdown creation, you can save the file to your library. In addition, you can create your own templates by using

System Requirements:

MOBAs are not as popular as their predecessors (SC2, DotA, etc), and therefore there are less resources available to help developers make the tools required to make them run well. At one time, MobAmp was able to hold up to more than 60 players on the map at once with a perfect internet connection. Although this was possible in older versions, it has been removed from the current version. The current version holds up to 8 players at a time.
What else is required?
If you have a network connection, then there is nothing else required

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