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Quick Obscure is a useful application which hides your valuable HTML from prying eyes. Copy the HTML you want to make illegible into Quick Obscure’s entry field and it is instantly Unicoded. Not easily readable by humans.
Quick Obscure is a temporary solution for avoiding spambot e-mail address detection. I’m researching a more secure method because it is very likely that these intrusive programs will be adapted soon.
The code generated by this program is for use with Java enabled browsers only. Install and limited documentation is included.
Note: If your section of HTML is too large a web browser may insert carriage returns into the generated code and cause the script to not work correctly.
Here are some key features of “Quick Obscure”:
■ Instant Unicoding.
■ Hides your ma**** information.
■ Easy Link Generator







Quick Obscure Crack+ Incl Product Key [Mac/Win]

– If you don’t want the time and effort of making a Link, and you don’t want a bloated page with huge images, that you can’t easily distribute, this program will easily generate a small link for you.
– Quick Obscure Crack For Windows also serves to keep private and proprietary information private. The generated Link is a copy of your source.
– The generated Link can be displayed in any web page. (e.g. web pages, forums, blogs, e-mail etc.)
– A simple HTML example,

What this program generates:
– A short Link to your text. (example:
– Your destination URL. (example:
– A shorter URL. (example:
– An HTML page link. (example:
(Or Click Here)

Where to get/install
This program was tested on Windows 2000/XP. OS-less install is also possible.
– Put the file into your HTML page.
– Include the source of the tag below this line

– The link text can be anything. For example,
– Hide your text (example:     Text to Hide)
– Hidden mark up (example:     Text to Hide)
– Cite your text (example: <a href=

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Quick Obscure [Mac/Win]

The above text was generated by an Obfuscator, a type of s*** writer that has its own home page.
The basic setup of this obfuscator is to cover the entire page with “” tags to hide text. The text is then pasted into the “Obscure” text area and copied into another document.
The obfuscator is quite crude and has limited quality. The obfuscator has been replaced by a more effective Web-based program written by yours truly.
■ The code is safe to use and generates valid Java code.
■ Currently supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Camino.
■ Automated link generator.
■ Supports Japanese, French, and Traditional Chinese languages.
■ In no way a permanent solution.

By definition, everything that is hidden is already gone.
All posts on this forum are now part of the public domain.

I’m looking for a more robust way to make our website content out of reach from these programs. Any ideas?


PS – I’m in the process of switching to a custom domain that is also not easily detectable by programs.

Many web proxies provide a way to obfuscate web content without causing the content to be removed from the web server.
An HTML example:

The above content would be obfuscated by a proxy, when a user’s browser accesses the page through the proxy they see the following content:

If the proxy is programmed properly, all obfuscation would be lost as soon as the user’s browser enters the proxy, which is exactly when the user would want the content.

I’ve been asked by several people if this site can be used as an obfuscator. The answer is yes, it can be used to hide content from browser based identification programs, but also to hide websites from the search engines.

For example, search engines like Google Index the entire web, but search for specific keywords. This means if a person goes to the search engine and types in a certain keyword, they will be given a list of websites that match that keyword. With a properly coded web proxy, a website can be programmed to be indexed when the web proxy is accessed, but not when it is accessed by the web browser. This can be done by having a web proxy perform a page redirect when the user is typing in a keyword, and not doing

What’s New In?

This is a simple Java application to generate and hide your HTTP HTML. It works on any HTML-capable web browser.
■ All incoming web browser requests will be redirected to a page of your choice.
■ There are many methods to control the behaviour of the web browser to conceal your ma****. The application uses Unicode
markup code to do this.
■ You can set the actual size of the page that you want to encode. This will make it much harder for Internet Spambots to detect your ma****.
■ You can set what character to encode on the html section. This is useful for those who are web savvy and do not want their ma**** to be visible.
■ You can set the character to encode in the meta section. This is useful if you want to hide your email address on your personal homepage.
■ It is easy to add new web pages.
■ Code is generated in HTML format for easy portability.
■ It works on any HTML-capable web browser.
■ No virus, no adware, no nothing.
■ Just a simple GUI interface.
■ Works on almost any web browser.
■ A.NET version is available.
■ You don’t have to be an Internet expert.
■ It is written in Java.
■ Very easy to use and install.

Here are a few links to useful JavaScript/html related sites:

Plain text form for mail… use this – user23454 … :
Dest: bugmenot@bugs.org
Subject: Bug Report
I just created a new account with Bugmenot.
I accidentally posted this email as HTML format to a mailing list. I didn’t realize it until I went to print it out. I do not wish to mess with the HTML formatting, but I wish to eliminate this unwanted HTML from the page.
I need a script/application that will eliminate all HTML from the page. I don’t care if it is an entire page, or a portion of a page, but I need it to work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello all,
Here is a strange problem I am having with IE6:
I have two areas on my site which I want to be hidden when a user is logged in. One is the search box and the other is the “Remember me


System Requirements For Quick Obscure:

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card or Radeon R9 Fury X or better.
16 GB of system RAM
Mac OS X 10.10 or later (macOS Catalina recommended)
HDD or SSD 100 GB or more (free space)
Internet connection for purchases
Right Click to Quick Cast your item.
Double click to Raise / Lower the item.
Drag up or down to zoom the item.
Drag left or


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