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Startsls.exe should be run in adminstrative mode for the network security services (mswsfc.msc). If you’re using the command line, then you would have to start the instance of the service using wsmgmt.exe, and specify -m, and -d for domain name.
Startsls.exe is a network security service that allows SIT operations to be started on workstations. You can start a Stopped SIT, and it will immediately restart as an online SIT.
The startsls.exe program is a real program that resides in the Windows operating system. The commands that you type are processed by the Windows operating system. If you use them improperly, you could be at risk of damage to your system. Do not use startsls.exe commands without understanding the commands and the potential risks.
This is an offline command that opens a local session (the directory you specify) on a workstation that you have logged onto. You can start local services on workstations that you have logged on to the network. You can create the session (run a SIT) and stop the SIT later.
For more information, see the logon description.
“STARTSLSA [C:directory]”
-P: Opens a remote session (This session requires the specified directory. If no directory is specified, an interactive session will be opened.
-C: Starts the service “[c:directory]” as a critical service. This is the default.
Note: If you are connected to a domain server, you may need to provide the user name and password.
“STARTSLSD [C:directory]”
-P: Starts the service “[c:directory]” as a default service. This is the default.
“STARTSLSP [C:directory]”
-P: Starts the service “[c:directory]” as a startup. This is the default.
“STARTSLST [C:directory]”
-P: Starts the service “[c:directory]” as an offline service. This is the default.

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