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We have Minecraft 1.10 so we’re going to roll with that for the conversions! Minecraft 1.10 came out, by the way, on Aug 19, 2011 — so it’s been around for a good six years. MineCon 2012 was the last major game release where the brutal (simulated in 1.9, but it’s a huge mod) and very popular DNF 1.8.1 and MC1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12 (the latter two being just versions of Minecraft 1.9) levels were the norm. Of course, those are the days where even 1.12 was still “The next revision” and we had completely out of beta builds with 1.10. The game was in its sixth year when we released the first build for 1.13 on Aug 15, 2017, so this event will probably be the last big version release for 6+ years. This is a fine thing for me because I like the Minecraft format, but I can’t help but think that it’s time Minecraft stood on its own as a game and stopped usurping the place of a community. Kid Forge is the first game that I can think of where it’s a totally standalone game with no real reason to explore the Forge Time Portal; whereas minecraft is a card game, and the only reason you’re playing it is because your kids already want to do it. I’m not knocking the opinion of kids. I’m knocking only the ability of the kids themselves to draw new lines in the sand.




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