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Note: The software is free for private use, businesses or schools require a paid license. The unlicensed software activates the computer protection for all users. With the full version, you can also protect individual user profiles. In addition, restrictions may be activated for individual users.
Mainly aimed at system administrators and more advanced users alike, Safer Work is a very unusual yet interesting piece of software that allows you to block and restrict the execution of various programs.
The app's highlights are marked by its three main, self-explanatory features, each with its own switch: Enable Whitelist Protection, Enable Firewall Protection (All Users), and Restrict Admin.
Everything there is to know about Safer Work's three main features
The first mode allows you to activate software whitelisting, and you should know that there are three directories that are on the positive list by default: C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, and C:\Program Files (x86). This means that from these directories, you can start basically any software. It's also worth highlighting that some directories that are writable by users by default are also automatically added to the whitelist, however, do note that the directory listing is customizable.
Moving on to the second mode, there's really not much to be said, except for the fact that it restricts the range of all open ports to the local subnet. The third and last mode affects the User Account Control settings. In short, by enabling this option, the app reconfigures the UAC to allow all administrative rights. Unfortunately, users with older computers running Windows XP can't benefit from these last two modes.
Non-impressive when it comes to looks, yet very practical and efficient in terms of functionality
Other than that, even though the app basically offers protection by modifying your system's registry database, the application is quite straightforward, with a non-impressive GUI housed within a compact main window. There are two main tab sections, namely User Management and Safer Configuration.
From the first tab, you can change the app's log, enable all of the aforementioned features, as well as have your pick at its surprisingly comprehensive collection of GUI themes. In the second tab, you are presented with the possibility of whitelisting various scripts, as well as SRPDirs, and SRPWinDirExpcetions, SPRSysUtilExceptions, and SRPCustomExceptions.
Efficiently restrict the execution of programs with the help of this simple app
Taking everything into account, Safer Work is definitely a useful app designed to stand guard and reinforce various restrictions on Windows computers used for more public purposes in schools, libraries, companies, and so forth.
The only small (and easily fixable) downside is the fact that both its Help section and its License Agreement section from the installer are in German.







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Safer Work is a small, yet very useful piece of software for Windows users that have computers at home or in the office. The app is available in English, German and Dutch and is designed to help protect computers from malware. It does so by blocking certain programs from starting (by registering the applications in the user’s PC as malware), and by restricting access to certain directories to the local subnet. There is also a Whitelist Protection feature that lets you whitelist applications that can run from the three default directories: C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, and C:\Program Files (x86).
Main Features:
• Whitelist Protection: allows you to whitelist applications that can run from the three default directories: C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, and C:\Program Files (x86).
• Firewall Protection: restricts the execution of the open ports of all computers that are connected to the same local subnet as the main PC.
• Restrict Admin: alters the User Account Control settings to allow all administrative rights.
• System Administrators, IT and System Security: Learn about the dangers of unprotected computers in schools, libraries, and the workplace.
• Software Controls: Learn how to selectively control applications with minimal or no risk to your PC.
• Website Controls: Learn how to selectively control all websites that your users visit.
• Security Levels: You can limit the rights of your user accounts, the rights of any processes (e.g., firefox.exe, smss.exe, svchost.exe, ntvdm.exe) and even the rights of specific programs (e.g., webbrowser.exe)
• Learn how to enable or disable the firewall protection based on your preferences and computer’s IP address.
• Learn how to restrict administrative rights for individual users.
• Learn how to configure network settings and security policies.
• Learn how to restrict certain folders and Windows service to the local subnet.
• Learn how to add new ports to the whitelist.
• Learn how to create, edit and delete Whitelist Directories.
• Learn how to add exceptions and devices to the whitelist.
• Learn how to add new sources to the whitelist.
• Learn how to add scripts to the whitelist.
• Learn how to add specific programs to the whitelist.
• Learn how to modify the list of already registered applications.
• Learn how to whitelist scripts, device notifications, and anti-mal

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Safer Work [Win/Mac]

– Automaticly Protects your computer from Running and Running Dangerous Program.
– Protects From: Running Program, Running Dangerous Program, Running Program To.exe File, Running Program From.exe File, Running Program From Zip File
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In December 2006, Paul Winters published a guide to software licensing. In this video, which is an excerpt from the book, he explains that open source is a business model, not a process in and of itself.

published:21 Oct 2015


Software license protection can be a challenging topic – but don’t worry, Paul has you covered in this illustrated introduction.

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Read about the history of software copying (and why it was always done that way, thanks to the patents on things like CD ripping).

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What’s New in the?

Protect your user's PC from malware and spyware. Safer Work features the latest in technology to block malware and Spyware in real time. Safer Work will prevent every threat before it gets on your PC, so you never have to worry about what is lurking on the web to spy on you.
· Real Time Protection – Block the threat before it gets on your PC.
· User Whitelist – Block all programs except for whitelisted programs.
· Admin Restriction – Block all administrative permissions on your computer.
· User Profile Protection – Protect user’s personal data from spyware.
· Configuration – configure Safer Work from a single configuration file.
· Drag and Drop Protection – Safer Work can be setup from a single.exe file.
· Administrative Protection – Safer Work will allow you to disable the UAC so that you have administrative rights on your PC.
· Configuration Safety – Safer Work will allow you to save your Safer Work configuration file so that you can later restore it if you decide to remove the software.
· Help – Get all the help you need from a help file, but not in German.
· User Interface Settings – Safer Work comes with all the settings and configurations you need for a simple interface.
· Wide variety of options – choose from many options such as registry protection, how you want to define programs, security methods, and more.
· User Whitelist and User Profile Protection – Choose what to whitelist or blacklist in a list of currently running programs.
· Admin Restriction – Safer Work can protect your computer from malware with the following features:
· Block all administrative permissions on your PC.
· Allow all administrative rights on your computer.
· Disable UAC so that you can have administrative rights on your PC.
· Hide all installed programs.
· Hide all folders.
· Hide all files.
· Hide all drives.
· Lock Screen – Safer Work can block all the installed programs from displaying on the lock screen.
· Limit Memory Use – Safer Work can limit the amount of memory your computer can use.
· Remove System Requirements – Safer Work can remove system requirements from your computer if you have a computer with such a system requirement.
· Safer Exceptions – Safer Work can add exceptions to block unknown and harmful programs.
· Safer Intellisense – Safer Work can display the most common program from a command prompt.
· Setup & Ready to go – Run the setup and you are ready to go.
· Start – Instant start of Safer Work.
· UAC Settings – Safer Work can set the User Account Control settings for your computer.
· User Interface Settings – Set up the interface to look as you like it.
· Version History – Keep track of all the updates that have been released since version 1.0.0

System Requirements For Safer Work:

CPU: Intel Core i3 6100 or AMD Phenom II X4 940 (2.5 Ghz, 4 Cores) or AMD Phenom II X4 940T (2.5 Ghz, 6 Cores)
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 6 GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 / ATI Radeon HD 6970 / AMD HD 6950 or better
OS: Windows 7
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: If you have problem running this game, try to use the

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