Samsung U2 Apcbu10bbe Driver ((EXCLUSIVE))

Samsung U2 Apcbu10bbe Driver ((EXCLUSIVE))



Samsung U2 Apcbu10bbe Driver

So how did I test my result? I plugged the micro-usb cable I thought was the genuine Samsung cable (with the +D and -D pins transposed) into a Galaxy S, booted the phone and absolutely nothing happened.I repeated the experiment with the unbranded cable and absolutely nothing happened.Some deeper reading on the forums shows if you have an unsupported USB to micro-usb cable the filesystem format can be set to ‘EXT2’ or similar (as opposed to Linux/Android’s default EXT5).So double checking everything I tried the genuine cable again and it connected OK, no data errors in dmesg.So there, you know.Any reports on this issue?

I could also not connect my Galaxy S using the Kies software to my PC, even through USB.The laptop made the initial noises of connecting but it never actually connected properly.I did this on a PC with Windows Vista and Windows 7.It did not work with Windows XP either.A year or two ago, I had to do this through a Kies serial port adapter and a laptop with a Windows XP operating system.When I plugged the serial port adapter into my PC, it connected properly and I was able to log on to the device through Kies.

I did a bit of research and found a McAfee virus scanner dedicated to Samsung devices, and I’ve been running it for a while now.It’s quite good.One thing to bear in mind when I’m performing these ports of these steps, you’ll understand the purpose.

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