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Social Fixer for Chrome is a useful tool for the users who want to adjust the functionality of the Facebook page. If you are not satisfied with the way the news feed looks like or the default blue-and-white color theme, this add-on can be the answer. Customize the Facebook look with this browser extension Although Facebook is one of the most popular websites, its aspect and features are not unanimously liked by all users. Unfortunately, the customization options available on the website are limited and cannot satisfy all the user demands. Fortunately, the aspect of the website can be adjusted by extensions that process the code before allowing the browser to display the page. Social Fixer is one of the popular extensions and is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The list of available adjustments is extensive and should cover all the things that you currently do not like about the Facebook page. Additionally, it surely includes a bunch of things that you did not think about but which can improve your experience. Disable Lightbox photo and enable hover zoom After the installation, the add-on allows you to access some of the most popular modifications in a configuration wizard. For instance, you can disable the Lightbox photo viewer and enable the hover zoom from the beginning. By using this add-on you can make significant changes such as hiding the Trending articles or changing the color theme of the entire website. However, small changes such as aligning the page content to the left or displaying the actual date in the timestamps can also have an important impact. The extension also aims to fix some of the problems such as the missing cursor when writing a comment or the Enter key behavior when you need to add a new line in comments. Comes packed with many possible Facebook changes Since the list of changes is quite large, you might have a problem with finding the thing you need to fix. However, the Options page organizes them into categories and provides a search feature for quick results. Whether you want to change Facebook’s aspect of functionality, this extension is a powerful instrument accessible for both advanced and casual users.


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Social Fixer for Chrome Activation Code is a useful tool for the users who want to adjust the functionality of the Facebook page. If you are not satisfied with the way the news feed looks like or the default blue-and-white color theme, this add-on can be the answer. Customize the Facebook look with this browser extension … Emojix is a funny emoticon generator that allows you to make a lot of faces in a single click. Visit the website The site uses a technique called web development called Ajax and has a great interface. The website gives an option to generate a lot of funny faces, but it is limited to the ASCII character set and cannot produce all the emojis. Make a lot of funny faces for free with this online generator Since emojis have become a part of our communication language, the website makes it possible to download a huge number of emojis for free. Although the site has no option to generate some popular Unicode emoticons, it still gives a fair advantage to users who prefer using more popular emoji. Emojix is one of the more interesting Chrome extensions that create funny faces. The simple interface and the clear instructions make the website suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Do you remember the funny faces you made on the web, Twitter or Facebook? Do you think the same face could not be made using a different programming language? Visit Emojix Website Mega Virus Report Review: Mega Virus Report is another useful Chrome extension that allows you to protect your data and computers from viruses. It lets you know about the risk of various threats and automatically run antivirus and security programs. Get updates on the latest virus threats This extension provides a good overview of various threats that appear on the web or come from malicious apps. It can help you to control the risk of security threats. It also enables you to easily schedule an automatic virus scan every morning or every time you turn on your computer. Even if you have installed multiple antivirus applications, this extension still works. It collects the reports sent by all the antivirus programs installed on your machine and sends them to a central server. The server presents a single report with all the threats detected by the antivirus programs. Additionally, Mega Virus Report can automatically remove the virus if it is detected. It also shows the instructions you need to follow to reinstall your antivirus applications. Some of the security programs that Mega Virus Report monitors include: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Mal

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What’s New In Social Fixer For Chrome?

Facebook is an incredibly popular social media platform with an astounding user base. However, there are some features which can be taken advantage of by a dedicated user. For instance, you can use this extension to hide the Trending articles, disable the hiding of photos when you are on mobile, as well as change the default Facebook look and feel. In this review, we have examined the most recent version of the extension and have provided a quick overview of all the changes. So, if you want to know more about this add-on, keep reading! How Social Fixer works The add-on is quite intuitive and easy to use. Once you download it, you can start the installation process from the official website. The process takes only a few minutes. Once installed, the add-on automatically launches. You can start modifying your Facebook in a few clicks. Nevertheless, before you start, you can select a color theme, disable the default landing photo or disable the floating comment menu. You will see a configuration wizard when you click on the Social Fixer icon. You can always change the display order of the options by clicking on the Options button. In the Settings window, you will find all the available options. They are organized into different tabs that are very well designed. For instance, the Headings tab is for adjusting the font and size of the headings while the Content tab is for updating the appearance of the site content. The selected options will be updated right away. Therefore, you can see the result of the modifications after launching the browser. Should I trust this software? Social Fixer can be considered a trustworthy software. The extension has been in the market for a couple of years and it has received mostly positive reviews. This is the reason why it is listed on top of our charts and why you can trust the application to give you the best experience on Facebook. There are no known negative effects of using this extension. The software simply works and is very easy to use. However, you can always refer to the application’s FAQ to find out more about the options available in the Add-on. Main benefits Compared to the current Facebook features, the most useful adjustments that Social Fixer enables include: Hide Trending articles on Facebook If you want to know what the most popular articles are on the website, you should definitely check the Trending page. However, if you find this page confusing, you will love the changes made by this extension. The previously discussed setting is the first thing you should check out. It will disable the Trending section on Facebook. You can also change the color theme, text size and font, as well as the location of the top navigation bar. Moreover, the extension will also hide the icons that are displayed when you hover the mouse on the content. You will also find a few other options such as an alternative photo display or the option to hide the articles which are hidden

System Requirements For Social Fixer For Chrome:

Minimum: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Dual core 2.0GHz or equivalent Memory: 1GB Graphics: DirectX 11.0 compatible DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband internet connection Storage: 25GB available space Additional Notes: The game requires constant internet connectivity. Your connection may be slowed by network congestion and/or file transfers. The game requires constant internet connectivity. Your connection may be slowed by network congestion and/or file transfers. Minimum OS: Windows 7 CPU

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