Softmedia Driver For All System ##HOT##

Softmedia Driver For All System ##HOT##


Softmedia Driver For All System

It’s unlikely you can get the sound driver from Apple, but if you can get the same driver then that’s your best source for your problem/appeal. If you can get it I’m sure you can get the money to send it.

To be candid, when I first had this problem I tried popping the top “case” inside my MacBook down while in the bootcamp (i.e. without powering it on or using a keyboard) to see if that would cause any sort of sound, but it didn’t, and it didn’t make anything untoward visible. I then tried to remove the power plug, hoping that that would make some difference, but it didn’t. So it’s more of a case of the sound driver being in the Macintosh’s enclosure rather than the MacBook itself. And actually, my MacBook isn’t a significant upgrade from a MacBook 5″ (iningx), so I suspect the driver is bought direct from Apple.

Installed all night with no sound, have triple-checked the drivers, and tried troubleshooting for several days. Still no sound, so tried Ipetempheat, PBew, and tried every possible combination of keys and mouse buttons as would bring up (ESC) menu. Long shot, but will try MacBook keyboard shortcuts…

I cannot remove the old driver. I have tried through the Intel Control Centre as well as by searching for it in the Add/Remove feature. Nothing works. The latest driver is not listed. (Clicking on the Intel HDA controller shows the old driver listed, but does nothing) I am running Windows 8 x64.


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