Usb Bt Joystick Center Gold Cracked Apk 13 ((FULL))



Usb Bt Joystick Center Gold Cracked Apk 13

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Best practice using a SqlDataSource with a reusable control

I’m trying to implement a custom user control using a SqlDataSource. I’ve seen a couple of posts on this, but they all use a generic SqlDataSource.
What’s the best way to implement a custom control with a SqlDataSource?


It sounds like you’re trying to do two things. You want to be able to pass a SqlDataSource to the control which the user can set, but also to be able to retrieve a SqlDataSource from the control which the user can set.
The user controls are just that, user controls. The data control is just data control. You can only access the properties and methods that it exposes. You will have to put some logic inside the control to determine what properties or methods to expose.
If you want to pass the SqlDataSource to the control, you should have the properties that the user can set on the SqlDataSource be data bound to the control’s properties. You can bind the control to a ViewData object. The ViewData object itself exposes the SqlDataSource.
If you want to set the SqlDataSource from the control, you will have to code this logic in the control. I’m not aware of a way to do this through the control’s code-behind. You could code this logic in the UserControl’s Page_Load() method and retrieve the SqlDataSource from the control’s ViewData object in the same method.
Alternatively, you could code this logic into a custom control that inherits from the Sql

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