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Creating virtual illustrations can be a fun activity, if you have the right tool in your hands. Furthermore, you need an application that can match your drawing skills and can help you produce high quality content.
If generating resolution-independent illustrations is what you are aiming at, then VPaint might be just what you are looking for.
User-friendly interface
VPaint comes with an intuitive layout that allows even novices to understand and use it without difficulty.
Although the application encompasses a few technical functions, it compensates by displays tooltips that include useful, brief descriptions. More so, if the tooltips do not provide you with satisfactory information, a more detailed description is displayed on the bottom of the window.
Unfortunately, VPaint does not support file types other than its own (VEC), but, on the bright side, you can export your content to SVG or PNG formats.
Draw, paint, animate
This handy vector editing tool packs various functions that include free-form sketching, sculpting, painting and animating. You can access the sketch tool for generating original content and simply customize its size and snap threshold by pressing the CTRL and ALT keys.
The paint tool allows you to color wide portions of your workspace or enclosed regions that are delimited by curves, by simply picking a color and clicking on the desired area.
In addition, you can generate simple animations by switching frames, drawing on each of them and displaying a preview of the resulting content. It is possible to customize certain animation-related settings, such as FPS and play mode (e.g. loop, bounce).
Experimental 3D view
Aside from the aforementioned functions, VPaint also provides you with a 3D view of your artwork, so you can perform a more in-depth visual analysis of it.
To sum it up, this application can prove to be a valuable asset, if you are in need of an easy-to-use vector graphics editor that also provides animation functions and 3D perspectives of your content.







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100+ Effects, Brushes and Tools from Pixelmatic
Pixelmatic is a professional photo effects, brushes and design app that provides you with more than 100 free, realistic effects, brushes and tools to enhance your pictures. You can now use this app to make your photos look cool by applying advanced effects, painting free style brushes, transforming and manipulating your images and producing professional-looking designs.
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Get dramatic filters and improve your photos with Photo Enhance from Pixelmatic. You can choose from dozens of free effects that you can combine for a unique look. In addition, you can add and combine textures, artistic effects, sketch tools and other tools to turn your images into creative masterpieces.
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Create and edit your photos in Photo Edit from Pixelmatic. It allows you to erase unwanted areas, manipulate elements and perform other photo editing tasks. With this app, you can crop, rotate, adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure and contrast, blur and sharpen, add artistic effects, add and change layers, create professional looking illustrations, and more.
Layer Mapping
Create stunning images by making layers. In Layer Mapping from Pixelmatic, you can create complex, multi-layer compositions. Each layer can have a different pattern, gradient, background color, opacity, saturation, brightness, contrast, hue, lightness, saturation, sharpness, resizing and rotation and you can even add layers in groups. Layers can be pasted on top of one another to create complex images.
Create professional designs with Design from Pixelmatic. It has hundreds of beautiful, free-style Photoshop brushes, allowing you to transform your photos into stylish, creative designs. You can also draw with pens, create and apply stickers, draw and paint free-form designs, and add and edit the overall design.

GeoStudio 1.4.11 release available now

GeoStudio is a feature-rich map solution that enables you to work efficiently with data and maps. It is suitable for different purposes, ranging from simple map projects to complex data analyses. The features available in the latest version include:

GeoStudio has the ability to communicate with other databases and automatically updates the maps when there is a change in the data.

The enhanced language interface has made it easier to communicate with your users.

The unified editing toolkit has been enhanced with the ability to edit the map directly in Google Maps.

Tables, graphs, and statistical data have been enhanced

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Create Key shortcuts to speed up the process of generating content
A simple and easy to use user interface.
Perfect for graphic designers and illustrators, as it includes functions for sketching, painting and animation.
Allows to customize multiple settings and set up file types.
Produces high quality, resolution-independent illustrations.
How to use it:
Select the entire area you want to work on, and press the Ctrl+G shortcut key to start a free-form sketch. Use the shortcuts to make the sketch evolve as desired.
#8. Clip Studio Paint
Key features:
A free program for creating 2D and 3D illustrations
Allows to save files in BMP, JPEG and PNG formats
Support for audio tracks and OGG and MP3 audio files
Allows to add multiple layers to your illustrations
Includes features for creating animation and Batch Processing
You can create illustrations using various drawing tools, such as pencil, airbrush, pen, brush and marker.
Also, you can import images and graphics. Furthermore, you can choose between 2D or 3D views of your work. This program also allows you to export your content to BMP, JPEG, PNG and PDF.
Finally, the program provides you with a library of icons and images that can be used to enhance your illustrations and drawings.
How to use it:
Start the application by selecting one of the above-mentioned file types or by creating a new file. You can choose from a series of pencil, airbrush, pen, marker, brush, fireworks and an eraser tools.
To create a 2D image, use the pencil tool to add lines, add dots and add spots and curves. To create a 3D image, use the pencil tool to draw the basic shapes and the brush tool to fill them.
You can also add text and add speech bubbles. Moreover, you can edit your illustrations by using the toolbox, shortcut menu and the new user interface.
You can also import images and graphics to use them to add details to your illustrations.
Furthermore, you can save your work in a variety of formats, including BMP, JPEG and PNG, and add audio tracks to your work.
If you want to create animations, you can add or delete audio clips and change their position.
All in all, this program is a great tool for 2D and 3D illustrators who need to create content quickly and efficiently.
KEYMACRO Description:
Create Key shortcuts to


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You don’t have to be a professional in order to use Meetup.com, you only need to be a friendly person willing to meet and talk to people in order to establish social connections.
Meetup.com is a dating website that allows you to connect and socialize with people that share the same interests and the same passions.
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Meetup.com also has a collaborative platform, which allows you to generate events that can be shared to the entire community.
Even though the application is free, you can purchase premium access for a one-time fee of $30.
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The application is a simple, yet effective solution that allows you to track, manage and transfer your contacts.
The interface is clean and intuitive, and it displays all your information in an organized manner.
Furthermore, there is a history log that can keep all your previous activities, including calls and texts.
It is also possible to use the app as a calling app, so you can receive calls directly from your contacts.
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In addition to this, you can use the tool as a notes app, in order to j

What’s New in the?

VPaint is a cross-platform vector graphics editor that allows you to create illustrations for web or desktop use. The user-friendly interface allows even beginners to design, edit and create graphics. It comes with numerous features including free-form sketching, color picking, paint, sculpting, animating and more.
Free to use: No restrictions to use the application.
Supported file formats: VEC, SVG, PNG and other.
Supports animated GIF
Export to: SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF and the Web.
Support for 3D: To display your content in 3D, you can activate the experimental 3D view.

Web development is growing day by day. Web applications have become so important that a website without one does not meet the requirements of the target audience.
However, as the web development process is complex, it is often difficult to get the best value for money from the service providers.
With DevOps, the web development process can be simplified and streamlined.
By using DevOps, a web development team can automate many of the development tasks, including web server installation, database server installation, application deployment, and deploying user-facing web application components.
DevOps is essentially a set of practices for automating the development process to optimize the value that software is created.
In fact, DevOps is a process for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications at the same time, which includes software development, release management, and quality assurance.
It is noteworthy that DevOps was coined by Puppet Labs in 2007, but its roots go back to the mid-1980s, when the first hardware system administrators began to automate the process of setting up, configuring, and operating systems.
In terms of functions, DevOps revolves around four areas:
Automating application deployment and application infrastructure setup
Developing and testing applications in production, with a focus on continuous integration and deployment
Infrastructure automation and provisioning
Testing and monitoring tools
Why use DevOps?
The main advantage of DevOps is the huge time and money savings that it can offer.
As you can see in the list below, DevOps can reduce the time taken to build and release applications to the market by up to 70% and reduce the time taken to troubleshoot and resolve problems by at least 30%.
Furthermore, by integrating DevOps, a company can reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction.
Because DevOps delivers continuous builds, the customer will never experience downtime or the site may be down for a short period. This, in turn, will provide a great customer experience and you will also be able to attract more customers to your website.
And finally, it helps to reduce operational costs because it takes less time to get applications into production.
While DevOps might not be for everyone, it is clearly a great alternative to traditional web development.
DevOps tools
A development platform


System Requirements For VPaint:

1. Recommended System Specs
OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8, Windows 10
CPU: 2.8 Ghz, Intel Core i3
RAM: 3 GB of RAM
HDD: 60 GB available space
GPU: Nvidia GTX 550Ti 4GB
DirectX: Version 11
Other: Xinput driver supported and an Xbox 360 controller
2. Download the World of Tanks Client (Mac & Linux)
World of Tanks Client is a FREE client that allows you to register and play on your Xbox 360,


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